My appearance on the West X Midwest podcast.

For those of you who didn’t watch it live, which is probably the vast majority of you, here’s the YouTube video of my appearance on the West X Midwest podcast:

If you prefer to listen instead of watch you can do so either at Libsyn or on iTunes. However you go about it, I make my appearance about half-way through. Don’t skip ahead, though, as the whole thing is worth a listen. In fact, if you’ve spent much time around SEB you’ve probably heard (read) most of what I say anyway. Still, for those of you in love with the melodious sound of my voice, this should fit the bill.

I’ll be on the West X Midwest podcast next week.

WXMWMy brother-in-law, Aral Gribble, has been doing a comedy podcast with a couple of friends of his for a few months now and inexplicably they’ve asked me to be a guest next week. The idea is that Aral and his friend Chuck Ganchorre are both struggling actors living in different parts of the country and to keep in touch they join up on Google Hangouts and talk about what’s going on it the world. Hence the name West X Midwest. They’re joined by their friend Rob Hubbard who produces the show and they’ve recently started having guests on.

You can watch their most recent episode here:

This week the boys overpay for a photo op with Rocky, get stuck in The Matrix and are now scared to flush the toilet. Also discussed: shady eye charts, Big Mac attacks and Rob’s review of Aral’s latest show.
The boys are graced by bad ass roller derby dimes, Melissa Kunde and Erin Roberts of the Ann Arbor Brawlstars who shoot down Chuck & Aral’s dreams of being roller derby waterboys.

Note: The above starts with the pre-show setup so it takes about 15 minutes before the podcast part itself actually starts.

Anyway, I can only assume they’re desperate for guests at this point as they’ve asked me to join in on the next show. You can watch it on Google Hangouts while we record it if you don’t mind staying up late as they record it around 11:00 PM on Monday nights. It’s definitely past my bedtime on a work night so that should make it interesting just in itself. I’m hoping I can manage to be entertaining given the rapid pace these guys maintain. I’ll be the guy in the dark basement. Dark because I’m trying not to reveal the apocalypse of junk that’ll be behind my chair. If you can’t stay up then you can always watch it later to see what we managed to get up to.

So there you go. A podcast with me that’s not my own podcast and where you can see my ugly mug. I have no idea what we’re going to talk about yet, but I’m sure we’ll think of something. Still it’ll be worth watching just to hear what Chuck and Aral are up to as they’re pretty funny.