Someone in Pakistan is very busy making fake accounts on SEB.

And I haven’t a clue as to why as they don’t appear to be using them for a damned thing. There’s at least two IP address ranges that they keep showing up under, the latest was from which shows up as part of PTCL Triple Play Project which belongs to the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited which is apparently a major broadband provider in Pakistan. I suspect that these are fakes because A) the names being registered are definitely not Pakistani, B) the email address is always for a Yahoo! mail account and C) after registering they don’t appear to ever visit the site again.

What I can’t figure out is the point of this activity. They’re not putting spam links in the account profiles, they’re not using them to try and submit entries to the blog, and there’s no facility in WordPress to use an account as an email relay. They just register account after account sometimes within mere minutes of each other and all the IP addresses trace back to Pakistan. It’s like there’s some weird contest over there to see who can amass the most SEB accounts or something.

I’ve taken to deleting them when I notice them piling up and, so far, no one has dropped me an email to ask why the fuck I deleted their account. So I’m stumped. Anyone else running WordPress notice this happening at their site?