This is a question I’ve pondered more than once…

Maybe one of the Christians who drops by and throws out quotes before fading back into the night will be kind enough to explain their thinking on this.

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It’s only a matter of time…



Sci-ence! updates “The Red Flags of Quackery” to version 2.0.

Quite awhile back I posted a webcomic by the guys over at Sci-ence! all about “The Red Flags of Quackery” that was a nice little primer on the buzz words and concepts that should warn you that you’re dealing with pseudoscience woo-woo bullshit.

Now they’ve gone and put out a new version 2.0 of the comic:

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This really is an excellent guide to knowing when you’re being bamboozled by someone or some product. Another good warning sign is when you see the words “THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION! THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO TREAT, CURE, OR DIAGNOSE ANY ILLNESS OR CONDITION!” That’s legalize for “This product is 100% horse shit and only an idiot would buy it.”

If you’re not already following the Sci-ence! web comic, I’d highly recommend you do so.

I was just thinking the same thing…

Working Daze

A lesson in skepticism.

I so want to try this out on someone.

Go read more of Cectic.

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Uncle Sam is a Pimp, yo!

Sinfest is a great daily webcomic, and today’s was awesome in my humble opinion:

Sinfest Main Page

A more effective means of education.

Who knew Richard Dawkins is such a bad ass?

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Go read “DM of the Rings.”

How the hell did I ever manage to miss an excellent webcomic like DM of the Rings? I only found out about it today and today is when the author is ending the strip to start a new project. ***Dave knew about it and I’m sure he probably mentioned it at some point and I somehow managed to completely overlook it.

Well, on the plus side, at least I can read the whole thing in a single setting without any of that pesky waiting for the next installment crap. The first comic is here so go there and start reading.

What? You wanna know what it’s about? Trust me, just go read it. What? Oh alright. It’s what you’d get if a traditional Dungeon and Dragons dungeon master had cooked up Lord of the Rings as a campaign for his adventurers rather than it being a much-loved fantasy trilogy. It uses screen captures from the films and is a parody of both the movies and what a traditional gaming campaign is like. If you are at all familiar with either the movies or RPG gaming then you’ll love it.

Plus you can read it all at once without having to wait for new installments.