This won’t make me buy more Warner Bros. movies. This will just mean I’ll see fewer Warner Bros. movies.

There are very few movies I'll buy without having seen them first so if I don't catch it in theaters then the next opportunity would be a rental from Red Box. If WB holds back rentals by 56 days all they'll end up doing is delaying any potential purchase I might make by an additional 56 days. They're not hurting anyone but themselves with this policy. There hasn't been a movie made that I couldn't wait for the rental before deciding whether it was something I wanted to add to my collection. #google+ #movies #stupidity #Warner_Bros.

Report: Warner Bros. Will Stretch New Release Rental Window From 28 To 56 Days

Apparently no longer content with the 28-day window in which it sells DVDs but doesn't allow companies to rent them out, Warner Bros. is reportedly on the verge of doubling that time frame in an effort to starve viewers into starting to buy movies again.

According to AllThingsD, Warner Bros. is gearing up to announce the new window at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The 56-day rental ban will apply to Netflix, Redbox and Blockbuster.

Along with the revelation that HBO wi…