Angry Birds CEO sees opportunity in piracy

There is a growing number of people in the various entertainment industries that are calling for a different approach to dealing with piracy other than trying to nuke it from orbit. There will always be a certain amount of piracy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money from your products. Especially if you can come up with new ways to turn pirates into customers. This is a problem that requires innovation, not legislation. #seb #piracy #videogames

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Angry Birds CEO: “Piracy May Not Be A Bad Thing”
While lawmakers and Hollywood execs try to come up with ways to combat piracy in ham-fisted, knee-jerk ways that punish everyone, the CEO of Rovio Mobile — better known as the company that makes Angry Birds — has joined his voice to more sensible suits who see online piracy as an opportunity to learn and grow.

While admitting that his company has issues with piracy and unlicensed products that make money off the wildly popular game, Rovio Mobile CEO Mikael Hed said earlier this week, “We c…

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EA expands "Online Pass" punishing used game buyers from multiplayer to…

EA expands “Online Pass” punishing used game buyers from multiplayer to single player.

Imagine the outcry if Hollywood tried this sort of thing with used DVDs. Key scenes from the movie are missing on used copies unless you pay ten or fifteen bucks extra to see them. Or perhaps none of the extras are available on used discs unless you’re willing to pony up the cash. Yet the games industry seems hell bent to lock more and more content away if you bought the game used.

Again, this doesn’t affect me as much as I don’t tend to buy used games, but I sometimes receive them as gifts and not everyone can afford to shell out the $60 most new games cost these days. #seb #videogames #EA #Stupidity

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Kingdoms of Amalur’s “Online Pass” continues a slippery slope for used games
Review copies of Electronic Arts’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning are starting to reach critics, who have made a surprising collective discovery: an insert containing a code to download a “House of Valor” content pack featuring “seven additional single player quests.”

EA has confirmed to Ars Technica that this downloadable content will be included free with all new copies of the game, including digital copies purchased on the PC through Origin, Steam, or other services. Players who would rath…

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Next Xbox might not allow you to play used games

I’m not a huge purchaser of used games, but depending on the how and why this could be one more reason for me not to buy the next Xbox.

One of the ways they could do this discussed in the article is by going digital download only. In the last year my purchases of games via Steam’s digital download service has increased dramatically and all of those games can’t be resold to anyone else. The only reason I don’t have a problem with that is because the games I bought typically were on sale for $15 or less (with most being $5 purchases). Many of them were $50 to $60 when they were released and I was perfectly happy to wait until they were $5 in order to give up my physical copy and ability to resell the disc. It also doesn’t hurt that Steam doesn’t have an issue with letting you re-download any titles you own after you’ve restaged your PC, but that’s less of an issue on the Xbox. For me to even consider going that route on a console would require that the cost of the games drop considerably either from the very start or within a reasonable amount of time after release.

As I said I don’t tend to buy a lot of used games nor do I tend to sell a lot of my used games, but I like having the option to do so. I have some original PlayStation titles that are considered collectors items now that sell for a decent amount on eBay. You want to take that option away then I want something in return.

Of course, this is largely a moot point because I probably won’t buy the next Xbox for the same reasons I don’t own a current Xbox or its predecessor. But if Sony is thinking of a similar scheme with the next PlayStation then the same rules would apply. #seb #videogames #Xbox #PS3

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How the next Xbox could stop you from playing used games
A recent Kotaku post cites “one reliable industry source” to suggest that the still-unannounced successor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will somehow prevent used games from being played on the system. The idea remains an unconfirmed rumor, of course, but it’s something that members of the game industry have floated repeatedly in the past. It’s also a move that would likely find hefty support from publishers looking for a way to stop what they see as erosion of their profits thanks to used games (th…

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I, literally, grew up with video games.

I can remember Pong and the early days of the arcade where you indicated you were next in line by lining up a quarter on the machine. I remember the Magnavox Odyssey and Odyssey II. I remember PacMan and Donkey Kong and Missile Command. The very first console I ever owned was the Atari 2600 and I played the living hell out of it. I remember the great video game market crash in ’83 and the resurgence in ’85 (via Nintendo’s NES). I remember the following rise in dominance of the Japanese consoles and how in the arcade the future was thought to be Vector Graphics games. Then I remember when the future of arcades was going to be LaserDisc based games. I remember the first CD-ROM titles, the first 3D First Person Shooter, the first 3D graphics cards, and so on.

I was only five years old when the first video games were born. I’ve had a life-long passion for them and my interest led me into computers which has given me a halfway decent career. I’m part of the generation that made the video game industry of today possible. And, boy, has it ever developed in ways we never saw coming. If I could go back and show my ten-year-old self the sort of games that I’m enjoying today he’d flip his lid. Can’t wait to see what the decades to come will bring. #seb #videogames #Birthdays

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How the Video Game Was Born [Design]
This year, the video game turns 40. Let’s call it an occasion to spend a few more hours in front of our TVs, the place where it all started.
In 1951, some 12 million television sets were in existence and Ralph Baer, a television engineer at Loral Electronics, wondered what extracurricular tricks TV sets could do. The company was pushing television tech forward, and Baer mentioned to his bosses that wouldn’t it be fun to incorporate an interactive game element into the experience? Dude was ont…

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Hackers are somehow managing to ban BF3 players on the PC

It’s bad enough that these assholes like to ruin games on the PC using wall hacks and aimbots, but now they’ve found a way to frame innocent players getting them banned via the PunkBuster anti-cheat system, which has long been considered a piss-poor solution to the problem and now appears to be a part of the problem.

I’ve never understood the appeal of ruining someone else’s enjoyment of a game by cheating at it and given how widespread the problem is you’d think that the companies would’ve come up with a way to negate or limit the ability of these assholes to engage in this behavior. But I suppose that with consoles pulling in the big bucks these days and the natural resistance those platforms have to hacks (you can’t run your own software in the background while the game plays) there’s little inclination to bother with the problem on the PC. #seb #videogames #cheating #hackers #assholes #bf3

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Hackers Brag That They’re Banning Innocent Battlefield 3 Users [Battlefield]
The people at the game-hacking site Artificial Aiming can’t stand the anti-cheat service Punkbuster, so they’re going on the offensive today.
They say they’re banning innocent Battlefield 3 users—”framing” them, as they put it—to show their disdain for Punkbuster, a service that PC players of the popular first-person shooter are compelled to install when they start the game.
The hackers have narrowed their target to Battlefield 3 users who are playing on servers that are tied into the cheat-d…

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