“Portal: No Escape”

This is an awesome short film inspired by Valve’s awesome First Person Puzzle game Portal, which you should really play if you haven’t already. Check it:

Found over at /Film.

Team Fortress 2: Meet the Medic

It’s been a long time since Valve released the last in this series of intros to the characters that make up their Team Fortress 2 game. Not that I’m complaining as each one has been better and funnier than the last.

This time out it’s the Medic’s turn to show off just what makes him such a powerful ally in the ongoing war between the Red and Blue teams:

I think the only class left to get an intro video is the Pyro and he (or is he a she?) is almost impossible to understand under that gas mask. Not that that’ll stop Valve from finding some way to pull it off.

What’s really amazing is that this game is now 4 years old and still very popular. The steady stream of free updates has kept it fresh and they’ve slowly been adding in features that support microtransactions for their latest announcement that the game will now be free to play. As always there’s some concern from the folks who actually paid for the game in the past on what it suddenly going free means for them. As it turns out the differences between Free and Premium accounts won’t be so great as to imbalance gameplay. Mostly it’ll consist on limits on how many things your backpack can hold, what you can craft, and how you can trade or gift items. You can read the full FAQ here.

Games I’m looking forward to: “Left 4 Dead 2.”

Valve’s Left 4 Dead first person shooter was a major surprise in how much it felt like being stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse worthy of any summer blockbuster movie. It seems like it came out only yesterday (it was actually last November) and already they’ve announced a sequel due to hit this coming November. Here’s the teaser trailer:

OMFG we get to use melee weapons including A FREAKIN’ CHAINSAW?!?!? Count me in on some zombie killing action come next November! I may have to break my rule about not buying myself games so close to Krismas this year!

Team Fortress 2: Meet the Soldier.

Valve has released the second in their trailers introducing us to the various classes in the upcoming Team Fortress 2:

I’m so looking forward to this game.

Team Fortress 2: Meet the Heavy

I used to play a lot of Team Fortress Classic online, but haven’t played much of the first Half-Life or its mods since Half-Life 2 came out. Years ago Valve announced that they were working on Team Fortress 2 and the initial screen shots showed a very realistic looking game. Then it fell off the planet and wasn’t heard from for years and years. HL2 came out along with Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source and finally Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and still not a peep on Team Fortress 2

…until just recently when it was revealed as being part of the upcoming Half-Life 2: Episode 2 due to be released sometime this year. The new screen shots showed a much different looking game that has a bit of a cartoony look to it and definitely doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously. I was a little dubious about this until seeing the video “Meet the Heavy” from the folks at Valve:

OK, where’s that damned game. I wanna play! More clips from the teaser trailers after the jump.