Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark on the checking account.

So the bill for Courtney’s CAT scan came in on Friday. They did two of them. At $1800 each. Ugh.  And we still haven’t gotten word on how much the blood work they did is going to cost. Anne and I had been planning on trying to finance a new bed and mattress set as our current mattresses are older than Courtney and in need of replacement. That’s not happening now.

But there’s good news as well. The donations you folks so generously gave us will knock about a third off that bill and I’d like to take a moment and thank you once again. I’ll definitely be contacting the hospital to see what uninsured discount, if any, I might be able to get or if I can’t arrange some sort of payment plan or something. We’ll get through it, it’ll just be a bit tough on the wallet for awhile. Ooo, that smarts!

Gonna be a long day.

Was up until Midnight last night getting Anne’s PC back into shape and then I couldn’t manage to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. I must have woken up close to two dozen times and boy am I ever feeling it this morning. It’s been warm and muggy here in Michigan the last day or so and that always makes trying to sleep in a house without air conditioning much more of a challenge. It was supposed to thunderstorm during most of the night, but it appears most of the storms passed south of us so there wasn’t much to cool things off.

I suppose I’m gonna have to double up on the coffee today.