“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” open thread.

Just finished watching the premier of the new Terminator series on FOX and DOF hit me up in Google Talk about starting an open thread. I’ve already given my feelings on the first episode thanks to finding a copy of it on the net, but DOF and I are curious what the rest of you who caught it thought of it.

So let’s hear your opinions.

“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” kicks ass.

I just got done watching the pilot episode for The Sarah Connor Chronicles which is a direct continuation of the Terminator movies picking up after the end of the second movie. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be available yet, but there’s a copy of it available on the DivX website which I stumbled across so I watched it.

This was another series I had my doubts about, but after watching the first episode I’m totally geeked for it to start up on January 13, 2008. They definitely didn’t spare any expense in the production of the pilot and it got the blood flowing. Best of all it co-stars Summer Glau who played River Tam in another FOX sci-fi series, Firefly, which was canceled before it ever had a chance to get off the ground. Here’s hoping this series gets a proper chance to establish itself because Summer’s playing another bad-ass character that’s a lot of fun to watch in action. I won’t spoil it by revealing her role, but if you really want to know then go watch it before someone takes the video down.

Considering what a disappointment the third terminator movie was, and I’m not feeling to warm and fuzzy about the pending fourth one, it’s heartening to see that the TV series looks to make up for it. Good stuff. Can’t wait for it to hit the airwaves.