Third season of “The IT Crowd” starts this Friday.

According to this Radio Times article at least. The Official Website also contains some info on the new season.

I’ve raved previously over my love for this series and I was both relieved and bummed that the American adaptation never took off. If you want an idea of why I love this show so much you can check out a lot of clips of it on YouTube. I’d embed one, but it appears embedding is disabled on all of the clips.

Alas the show itself still isn’t available in the U.S. so I’ll have to resort to downloading it off the BitTorrent networks. I really wish they’d at least release the DVDs here so I could buy the damned things.

Help design the set of “The IT Crowd” season 3.

I’ve spoken before of my love for the Brit geek comedy The IT Crowd and while the American take on the series never made it off the ground the good news is that season 3 of the U.K. show is just a few weeks away from production. In fact the final script was just submitted today and there’s still lots of work to do so time is tight and the folks who produce the show are looking for help in picking out geek paraphernalia to dress the set with:

How would you like to help in designing the look of series 3? Specifically, you’d be helping us choose the stuff that litters the main set. I’m talking about posters, comics, fanzines, T-shirts… anything you’ve seen in the last few months that you think is pretty cool or captures the spirit of the show or a particular character. By now, most of you know the kind of things I like…weird toys, indie comics, sci-fi, geek references, internet memes, boardgames…normally I’d delight in tracking down the stuff myself, but as I say, it’s just not going to happen this time round.

In the very first draft of the show I described the set as looking like “a cross between a comics shop and the batcave”. I wanted it to feel like a geek Shangri-La, and in each series I’ve felt we nearly got there. Maybe this time, with you guys involved, we’ll finally nail it.

Please send your suggestions to
We also need to get legal permission to use the stuff, and we need to get it fast, so please include as much information as you can regarding contact details etc etc.

How cool is that? I’ve already got a couple of suggestions in mind and as soon as I track down sources for them I’ll dash them off in an email. Got a favorite meme, toy, or t-shirt you think would be a good fit? Then let them know!

Found via Boing Boing.

Anti-Piracy parody ad from “The IT Crowd.”

This was too funny not to share…

“The IT Crowd” season 2 hits U.K. airwaves.

I’ve mentioned previously my love of the British comedy known as The IT Crowd so it goes without saying that I’m pleased as punch that the second season started up this past weekend. It didn’t take long for the first episode to hit the BitTorrent sites after it aired and I wasted no time in downloading it.

The set has been changed quite a bit to reflect the fact that the boys now have a manager who likes things a tad bit tidier than they had been, but it’s still filled with tons of Geek Culture references including a classic Commodore Pet computer on a shelf—one of the first PCs I ever laid hands on as a kid—and the show is still laugh out loud funny. My buddy Hairboy also wrote about the new season and he mentions that the Americanized version NBC was putting together has been bumped from a fall debut to a mid-summer replacement sometime next year. On the one hand this feels like delaying the inevitable as I’ll be watching more out of morbid curiosity over how badly NBC manages to fuck the show up compared to the original, but the bigger bummer is the fact that the U.S. release of the original series on DVD has been delayed as well presumably because they don’t want it to overshadow the American attempt.

Which is a shame as I’d love to be able to buy a legitimate copy of the original series to make up for the fact that I downloaded it via BitTorrent and to show my support for the show’s creators. Meanwhile I look forward to the next episode due this coming weekend.

NBC’s version of “The IT Crowd” will have the U.K. actor who played Moss.

I’ve related what a big fan I am of the British sitcom known as The IT Crowd and my concerns with the fact that NBC has licensed the show for an American version of it. In particular I stated that I flat out could not fathom who they could conceivably get to play the role of Moss that had any hope of equaling the comedic genius that is his portrayal by Richard Ayoade in the original series.

Well it appears that NBC felt the same way I did as they brought Richard over to reprise his role. Looking at the official NBC webpage for the show brought the pleasant surprise to light. As for the role of Roy, the show’s producers settled on Joel McHale whom I’ve never seen outside of The Soup and as such have no idea how well he might play a true techno geek. The other two primary characters, Jen and Denholm, are being played by people I don’t even recognize so they’re completely up in the air.

Still, it gives me a small bit of optimism to see Richard in the cast. The official website even has a short video interview with him.