Games I’m looking forward to: “The Beatles: Rock Band”

I have so far managed to avoid spending the money on any of the popular music rhythm games. In part this is because of the rather expensive nature of the games due to the custom guitar/drum/microphone controllers they use. I’ve only really had experience with Rock Band here at work so I’m inclined to go with that game just from familiarity, but all the deals being offered are on Guitar Hero which has made that game tempting. It’s resulted in a stalemate of sorts that has kept me from spending any money at all, which is probably for the best. Alas the folks at Harmonix, makers of Rock Band, have come up with a release that will likely be just the thing to finally push me over the edge into a purchase of their game: A version featuring The Beatles!

Following is the opening cinematic for the game and it’s so freakin’ cool I wish the whole game was done in this style. Don’t know who did the animation, but I’d love to see a full-length animated feature done like this:

To save some cash, because I’m probably the only person in the house that’ll play it, I’ll probably pick up the game disc by itself and then buy a separate guitar controller to go with it as opposed to dropping the couple hundred the deluxe edition with all the instruments is likely to cost.