It’s a good thing I’m not the superstitious type…

… otherwise I might get a little nervous at the sight of all the crows in the trees when I leave work every day. Here’s a couple of crappy camera phone pics that don’t really do them justice:

Click to embiggen!

For some reason they always seem to gather outside in the trees about the same time every day. These shots were taken around 5:30PM as I was leaving for class. Some days there are easily close to 100 crows in those trees and they make quite the racket.

As I said before, if I were the superstitious type I might find that troubling, but my personal theory is that the operators here get a break at 6PM and quite a few of them grab complimentary snacks and then head outside for a smoke. Being your typical humans there tends to be a fair amount of junk left lying on the ground by the less considerate people working here—half eaten bags of chips, near-empty cola cans—just the sort of stuff that a bunch of crows might find worth hanging around for.