Fourth coolest summer on record for South Eastern Michigan.

I was remarking to the wife the other day that it seems like this year’s summer has been unusually cool. As it turns out it’s more unusual than I thought:

At Big George’s Home Appliance Mart on Ann Arbor’s west side, air conditioning units aren’t exactly flying off the shelves this summer. Attendance is down at Buhr Park Pool in Ann Arbor, and fewer customers are visiting the Dairy Queen on Packard Street for ice cream cones in recent weeks.

Traditional summertime staples are seeing a downturn this year as temperatures rarely top 80 degrees.

Just how cool has it been? We’re at the tail end of the fourth coldest summer recorded in Ann Arbor since 1880, University of Michigan meteorologist Dennis Kahlbaum said. 

The average temperature for June was down 0.8 degrees; average temps were down 4.6 degrees in July, according to National Weather Service data.

We generally only turn the A/C on when the temps get over 90 with high humidity. I’d guess that we’ve had the A/C on for perhaps ten or twelve days total for the whole summer. Late August and early September are usually well into the 90’s during the day with nights not dropping far into the 70’s, if at all. Not this year. Nighttime temps have been as low as 43 degrees and We’ve been closing the windows and using the comforters on our bed. Which isn’t to say the weather hasn’t been enjoyable, but it sure is strange. It’s like we never made it far out of late May or early June weather.

According to which meteorologist you talk to it’s either the fault of El Nino or the North Atlantic Oscillation. The upshot basically is that in our region the jet stream has been unseasonably low allowing for cooler Canadian air to come rolling on down. Meanwhile out on the west coast it’s been unusually high making for some record heat. Of the two I think I’ll stick with the unusually pleasant weather we’ve been having even if it did pretty much rule out going swimming at all this year.

One thing is for sure: You can bet this’ll get the local global climate change denialists yapping about how this proves Al Gore is all wrong.