Conservative columnist Stu Bykofsky says we need another 9/11.

Remember back when all the Conservatives were yelling at us Liberals saying that we wouldn’t be happy until we weakened America’s defenses enough that we had another 9/11 or worse happen? You know, slyly suggesting that we were on the terrorist’s side and wanted nothing more than to see America get blown up repeatedly?

How odd it is then to see a Conservative columnist calling for a 9/11 repeat:

ONE MONTH from The Anniversary, I’m thinking another 9/11 would help America.

What kind of a sick bastard would write such a thing?

A bastard so sick of how splintered we are politically – thanks mainly to our ineptitude in Iraq – that we have forgotten who the enemy is.

America’s fabric is pulling apart like a cheap sweater.

What would sew us back together?

Another 9/11 attack.

The Golden Gate Bridge. Mount Rushmore. Chicago’s Wrigley Field. The Philadelphia subway system. The U.S. is a target-rich environment for al Qaeda.

Is there any doubt they are planning to hit us again?

If it is to be, then let it be. It will take another attack on the homeland to quell the chattering of chipmunks and to restore America’s righteous rage and singular purpose to prevail.

The unity brought by such an attack sadly won’t last forever.

The first 9/11 proved that.

OK, so let’s review here. Stu thinks another 9/11 would unite us once more in righteous anger at the people who did it, but he doesn’t think such unity will last very long. So that means he thinks an event resulting in catastrophic loss of life and property for a short term increase in unity would be a “good thing” for this country. That’s some thinkin’ there, Stu.

I say the next time a Conservative tries to claim us Liberals are “emboldening the enemy” by being critical of the war we should slap them across the face with a copy of Stu’s column advocating another 9/11 attack.