Vorticity 2 by Mike Olbinski

I love a good summer storm and the physics involved is always fascinating to me, but nothing quite brings home the sheer immensity and power of a storm like time lapse photography. Mike Olbinski spent two years putting together this compilation of storms he filmed into one incredible YouTube video in 4K.

I made the tough decision last year to save everything I shot that spring and combine it with whatever storms I captured in 2019 and make the best possible time-lapse film I could. It was incredibly difficult to sit on that collection of footage for over a year, but I’m glad I did. When you’ve done a few of these, at some point you gotta work even harder to top yourself and I did my best to make that happen. Even though I’ve lost all perspective at this point having watched this a million times during editing, I do feel it has some of the best footage I’ve ever compiled into one of these films. I had such a high bar set and many, many clips did not make the cut.

You really need to watch this full screen to appreciate it fully. Better yet, if you have a streaming device hooked to a big screen TV that will playback YouTube then watch it on that. This took my breath away. Best of all, it’s one of two:

You can read more about what he uses to capture these stunning events and see other clips at his YouTube channel.

We live on an amazing planet.

Couple of folks have been passing this around on Google+, but it was so amazing I thought I should repost it here. It’s a series of storms filmed in time-lapse so you can see the power that rolls through them that is both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. You’re going to want to watch this in HD and fullscreen to really appreciate it:

You really get a feel for the complexity of the physics that takes place in your average thunderstorm. They can be stunningly destructive and are also essential for life on Earth. The world is a pretty amazing place when you stop long enough to look around you.

Hat tip to Dave and George who alerted me to it.