Stephen Colbert on the Conservative rush to blame the Oslo attacks on Muslims.

If you’ve been paying attention then you already know that the people of Norway are mourning one of the worst acts of violence since World War II to take place in their country. In the immediate aftermath the Conservative pundits wasted no time in declaring it an act by radical Muslims only to find out on Saturday that it was a anti-Muslim Conservative Christian Norwegian who carried out the attacks.

As Stephen points out in the following video clip, just because he wasn’t a Muslim is apparently (if you’re a Conservative) no reason not to blame Muslims:

All of us here at SEB send our condolences to the people of Norway not only for the attacks they’ve just been the victim of, but for the assholes in our country who are working so hard to score political points with it.

Stephen Colbert on “Palin Fatigue.”

Brutal, funny, and so true it hurts to laugh about it:

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Goodness knows I’m sick to death of hearing her attempt, and utterly failing, to make a coherent sentence. And to think that had John McCain actually picked someone with half a brain as a running mate, we’d never have heard of her.