SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “Star Trek”

This will be short and spoiler-free.

The wife and I saw a late showing of the new Star Trek on Saturday night so I thought I’d take a moment to offer my thoughts. Keep in mind that this comes from someone (me) who absolutely detests The Original Series, thinks The Next Generation was tolerable, couldn’t stand Deep Space Nine, and lost interest in both Voyager and Enterprise within the span of a single episode. In other words I’m about as far from a Trek Fanboy as you can get.

That said, you should go see this movie. Had the original TV series been half as entertaining as this movie I’d be a die hard fan. Simon Pegg as Scotty steals every scene he’s in making me wish he’d shown up earlier. When I left the theater I was actually excited about the prospect of this becoming a new franchise, assuming they’re able to get everyone to sign up for another outing. So go see it even if, like me, you’re not a Star Trek fanboy.

The age old Geek Question finally answered: Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

It’s an argument I can recall having in my youth. Who would win in a battle between a star destroyer and the starship Enterprise. Now, using recently discovered documentary footage, the question has finally been answered:

Found over at /Film.

And now for a little musical interlude…

YouTube user kirkslashspock came up with this interesting mash up between the old Star Trek cartoon and Pulp’s song Common People featuring William Shatner:

I don’t know if I’m more disturbed by the fact that I’m watching old Star Trek cartoon clips or that I actually enjoyed that song…

Found via Boing Boing.