It won’t be long now…


I’ve been waiting a whole year to use this image.

This seemed appropriate today.


Not that you’d know it by looking at the weather reports. Yesterday was pretty warm and today it’ll be in the low-50’s, but we’re slated to drop back down as the week continues. Still, compared to the past few months this is practically a heat wave. Of course once summer gets here and it’s unbearably hot we’ll all sit around and bitch about that too because that’s just the kind of assholes we human beings are. There’s about a two week period in the spring and fall where the weather is perfect and then the rest of the year we bitch about it.

As an aside, I’ve been waiting most of a year to use that graphic.

It’s the first day of spring for 2009.

And it’s actually somewhat spring-like outside. Still a bit on the cool side and it gets low enough during the nights to put frost on the ground, but it’s improving. The daily temps vary enough that it’s hard to tell whether to wear a light or heavy jacket in the morning and by afternoon you’ve usually made the wrong choice. The trees aren’t budding yet and the flowers are still hiding, but it won’t be too much longer before things stop being mostly brownish and the world fills with color.

At which point I’m going to try motivating myself to start exercising a bit starting off with brisk walks to get the heart pumping. Last time I was weighed I was back up to 296 pounds and it’s causing me all sorts of irritations such as not being able to sleep on my back. So it’s time I get off my ass and try to lose a few pounds. We’ve got a lovely nature preserve right beside us with a walking path just begging to be walked all over. My success rate at motivating myself to exercise is notoriously bad so we’ll see how well this goes, but I’m going to give it a shot. If nothing else it’ll be nice to get a little fresh air in me and see what the ducks and other wildlife are up to.

First day of spring 2008.

So spring has finally sprung, or at least so says the calendar. Here in Michigan we’ll be lucky to hit temps of 45 degrees today and we’re due an inch or two of snow sometime tomorrow. Still, it’s a nicely sunny day so long as you don’t step outside without a good jacket and at least we know that things should be thawing out sooner rather than later. It’s at least starting to smell a bit like spring outside.