Proving once again that many Christians have a healthy sense of humor…

… my good friend JethricOne, who is a moderate Christian himself, sent me the following email last night:

At [my daughter’s] confirmation class this evening, she drew a picture of an anime Jesus for an assignment.
When she told me, I couldn’t resist thinking about the song “Drop kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life” (and it’s ilk of bad religious music) and was inspired to write the following:

Jesus is the hero of my anime
When reading right to left he’s going to show me the Way
It doesn’t matter if my friends are nasty, or rude
Cuz Jesus is my spike-haired holy ninja dude.

I was standing in a line, when someone pushed on ahead
It really made me mad, and I wished that he were dead.
But then a 2-D image flashed across my mind:
A smiling chibi spirit, that told me to be kind.


I saw a special toy, but I didn’t have the cash.
I thought I might just grab it, and then make a hasty dash.
But then that mighty warrior with his flame haze book of might.
Showed me 10 commandments and made me do what’s right.


I was worried about dying, with a lump inside my throat.
Somewhere’s a shinigami with my name upon a note.
But I thought about my Light, the one who came to me.
And by His side I’ll walk through life and he will set me free.

Having listened to more than my share of Christian pop music, I must say that the above is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Being a long-time anime fan myself it’s doubly amusing.