My social networking expands.

With the pending shutdown of Google+ and my growing concerns about Facebook, I’ve been looking around trying to decide if there’s any other social networks I should consider making use of. I already have a Twitter account, but that’s a different beast than G+ or FB in my mind. I did set up a MeWe account, but I’ve not touched it in forever because the lack of an API to make sharing stuff to it easy is a sticking point for me. You’re welcome to follow me there if you wish, but I can’t say I’ll be doing too much there. So the search continues.

I’ve been following the development of Diaspora project for awhile, but hadn’t signed up for it until today. The basic idea is that it’s trying to be similar to Facebook, but without all the data mining and advertising. I tend to think of it as the Open Source Facebook and, much like Linux, there’s a whole bunch of different “pods” that are setup and run by folks for different reasons, but they all talk to each other. The upshot being you have to choose which instance of Diaspora you want to create an account on, but once you do you can communicate with and share stuff to anyone on any of the other pods. Most importantly, you own your data and you have control over whom you share what with.

I finally signed on in part because Dave Hill of ***Dave Does The Blog did it and I wanna be like the cool kid. Plus he found a node that was specifically set up for folks who were previously G+ fans called Pluspora. If you’re using Diaspora, either on Pluspora or one of the other nodes, you can find my profile here.

I’m still figuring out how it all works and I can’t promise I’ll be any more active there than I am at MeWe until I get a handle on it, but the fact that there is a WordPress plugin that will allow me to crosspost new entries from here to my profile there at least points to an API that may make it more enjoyable to work with than the previously aforementioned MeWe. In other words, there’s a fairly decent chance I’ll be active. At least with crossposts from SEB, if nothing else. I’ve not set up the plugin yet, but will be looking into it.

Oh, I just find a bookmarklet on my Pluspora profile page to “Post to diaspora” that lets you easily share webpages on your profile. So I already like it better than MeWe.

I’m hoping this will help me refocus on blogging more regularly too as now what I write here will go to Twitter, Facebook, and Pluspora. I’m already starting to take things that would’ve been a quick share to Facebook (the previous entry) and seeing if I can’t turn them into short, but amusing blog posts. So all of this is just a long way of saying, “Hey! You can now find me on yet another social media platform!”

Despite my better instincts I am now on Twitter.

Apparently not having learned from any of the half-dozen other social networking sites I’ve signed up for and then more or less completely ignored, I’ve gone ahead and signed up on Twitter in part because there’s a couple of other folks using Twitter I wanted to follow and the RSS feeds leave something to be desired. If my track record with LinkedIn, Facebook, GamerDNA,, Flickr, and Friendster is anything to go by then it’s likely I’ll forget I even have a Twitter account come next week let alone actually use it for anything.

OK, I do actually check in on Facebook once a week or so. It already has a Twitter like “what the hell are you doing right now” feature on it and you’re damned lucky if I update it during that once a week visit to the site. Given that all Twitter is is that single question of what are you doing and I don’t use the one on Facebook with any regularity, well, you get my drift.

Still, if you’re interested in seeing what I can manage to say in 140 characters on the rare and random occurrences when I actually bother to remember to use it you can check it out here.

I’m still trying to figure out who the hell Dave Spathaky is and why I was automatically signed up as following him when I finished registering with Twitter.

GamerDNA social site for gamers sets up shop.

Saw over on BD’s site a link to a new social networking site aimed squarely at video game players called GamerDNA so I thought I’d check it out. Setting up a profile allows you to list off all the games you’ve played/are playing as well as providing you with quizzes to determine what sort of MMORPG/FPS/RTS/etc. gamer you are. I had a few quibbles with some of the questions because more than one answer seemed appropriate (I consider myself a console and PC gamer for example), but otherwise they seem to paint a fairly decent picture of how you game. Here’s the results from the four quizzes I’ve taken so far:

In all honesty I don’t know how many gamer friends I’ll meet through the website, but it’s still be at least as much fun to play with as Facebook has been. You can see my member profile here. If you’re a gamer and into social networking then this could be a pretty cool place to set up shop.

I am now on Facebook.

A couple of folks have been chatting with me about Facebook in email and, while I’m still not sure I understand it, I decided to take the plunge and sign up. I was surprised to have one friend added almost immediately, fellow blogger Neil Turner, after the system figured out that I was friends with him because he’s in my Windows Live Messenger contact list. Neil must sit by his PC waiting for friend notifications or something.

So anyway, if you’re on Facebook and you want to add me as a friend you can now do so, though I’ll be honest and admit that my profile there will probably be ignored much the same way my Friendster profile and profile currently are. I originally signed up for Facebook using my full name because it said to, but very few people outside my family know me by my full-including-middle name so I changed it back to just Les Jenkins.

What’s really sad is that my Friendster profile just got some much needed attention because I was there trying to look up how to link to it. I’ve updated my location from being in Canton (which I’m not anymore) to being in Ann Arbor (which I’m not actually there yet), changed the registered email address, and updated my current employment as I am no longer unemployed. I suppose if you wanted to add me as a friend on Friendster you can do so as well, but as I said it’s been ages since I last looked at it.

At this pace I’ll eventually have profiles on all the big social networking sites that I’ll gleefully ignore for years at a time. Try to collect them all!