This does seem very familiar indeed.

Simon’s Cat perfectly captures yet another of the joys of being roommates with a feline:

In our house this fun is doubled as it seems to infect both cats at about the same point in time. At least once a night we’ll hear something fall to the floor in another part of the apartment and ask aloud to each other “What the hell was that?”

Simon’s Cat in Double Trouble.

Boy, does THIS ever look familiar. And we’re about to go through it again when Jasper gets out of quarantine:

Simon’s Cat in ‘Santa Claws’

I have a feeling that this will be the scene at our house what with the new kitten’s tendency to treat everything as a toy:

Yeah, I know I’m posting a lot of videos the last couple of days. But these were too good not to share.

Simon’s Cat in “Snow Business.”

Haven’t found anything else to blog about so here’s a new Simon’s Cat animation:

A new “Simon’s Cat” animation from Simon Tofield.

Fortunately for me, Melvin isn’t this much trouble:

Then again Melvin can’t be bothered to chase flies or much of anything else.

“Simon’s Cat” animated short. I swear we live with this cat…

My wife forwarded me a link that she got from her sister with the subject “This is Keegan!” Keegan being my sister-in-law’s cat and I will attest that he does everything depicted in the following video clip short of the baseball bat:

It’s one of two animations called Simon’s Cat that he’s just started uploading to YouTube. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye open for future ones.