Catholic rehab center uses beatings to cure you of your addiction.

Apparently the Catholic solution to any problem it comes across is to beat the shit out of it. That was the approach taken—in addition to sexual abuse and rape—with Irish children in the Church’s care for decades on end and now it appears to be the preferred solution at a Serbian Catholic drug rehab center:

BELGRADE, Serbia —  The Serbian priest running a church-backed drug rehab center was removed by his bishop Wednesday following the publication of videos showing him and members of his staff beating patients with a shovel.

Bishop Artemije ordered the removal of Branislav Peranovic but stopped short of closing the Crna Reka center in southern Serbia even though Serbian Orthodox Church elders had demanded it.

Artemije said in a statement that the center will be shut down if the beatings recur. He appointed Father Dejan Jakovljevic to run the facility “in line with Christian principles.”

Clearly this was just one bad apple, right? Surely the priest put in charge now will get things back on track, right? Right??

Jakovljevic — previously Peranovic’s assistant — has publicly approved of the beatings.

[…] Crna Reka priests have said beatings are a necessary part of the therapy and are carried out with the consent of patients’ parents.

Remember that kids! It’s not really physical abuse so long as your parents give their consent. Now hold still. Those priests aren’t as young as they used to be and they have a hard time hitting you what with all that squirming and screaming you’re doing.