Doctor Who Season 7 trailer hits the net!

Can’t wait for this to get underway. I mean, just look at this:

Oh my! The Dalek episode alone looks like it’s going to be amazing. Every single Dalek ever created for a past episode through the original series will be present and accounted for. It’s also the last hurrah for the Ponds and word has it they don’t have a happy ending.

Tenth Doctor: The Musical.

Yes, I know ***Dave already posted it to his site, but it’s too awesome not to post here as well:

“Slingers” looks like it’ll be my new favorite TV show…

…if it ever gets made,that is. Slingers is a 60’s heist story at heart, albeit one set in the 2260’s. It’s the brainchild of Mike Sizemore and it stars Sean Pertwee — as in the son of the third Doctor from Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee — along with Adrian Bower, Tom Mison, Margo Stilley, Haruka Abe, GUN and JUNIOR. They have a sizzle reel out on the net to give the networks an idea of what they show is about and how it’ll look.

It makes me want to watch the show badly. As in right now. Check it:

SLINGERS from Mike Sizemore on Vimeo.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Slingers is set in the year 2960 A.D., following mankind’s first interplanetary war. Humanity is now clustered into a finite, but still vast section of the universe known as Enclosed Space. Humanity won the war with an aggressive alien enemy, but at a cost. The way back to Earth is now cut off by an impassable barrier – a side effect of the blast that finally pushed the enemy back.

The show takes its name from a group of people thrown together on board an experimental spacecraft that is capable of Slinging itself to any point in space. In theory it’s the only craft capable of getting home. In reality the crew are using it to carry out a series of high tech heists and get even with those who are now exploiting their positions in the post war hierarchy.

Dominic ‘DM’ Monroe, a special ops war veteran becomes the de facto leader of this small team of thieves who rail against the decision by military command to just ‘stay where they are and make the best of it’. They’re determined to get home and if that means breaking a few rules and picking up a lot of enemies along the way then so be it.

It’s amazing to think that this is just a sizzle reel and not something that’s in full production as the sets, costumes, and effects look like final production quality. Just goes to show how inexpensive CGI can be these days. Details may change along the way as they negotiate with whomever decides to back the production, but the above is the general gist of what they’re shooting for.

Anyway, it looks cool and fun and they’re hoping to shoot a pilot episode sometime next year. Here’s hoping someone else sees the potential of this and gives it a green light.

Found via /Film.

“You only think you’re free.”

I’m a huge fan of the 1967-68 British TV series The Prisoner starring and co-created by Patrick McGoohan. It is weirdly subversive with an ending that will turn your brain inside out. I watched it in full on the Sci-Fi channel years back when the channel was worth watching.

So it was with some trepidation that I took the news that AMC was going to produce a remake of the series in association with British channel ITV. The new 6 episode mini-series will star James Caviezel as Number 6 (our hero) and Sir Ian McKellen as Number 2. AMC has an official website here and released the following 9 minute promo at the recent comic con:

Hmmm. Not too shabby looking. Could be good. Could also suck donkey dick. I’ll probably tune in for at least the first episode as I’d really like it if this turned out to be a good updating of the original series. The strength of the stars alone is reason to check it out. Overall it looks like it’s keeping much of the spirit of the original though some of the themes have changed. It’s good to see Rover is still in it (the big white ball). The miniseries will air in November.

If you’re curious about the original series the folks at AMC are streaming full episodes online for your edification. Or you can buy The Prisoner – Complete Series Megaset from I had it on my wish list for the longest time and it appears to have gone missing so I just put it back on again. Need to pick it up before too long.


Trailer for the “V” series remake hits the net.

I remember when the original V TV mini-series was aired back in 1983. It was a big hit in part because it had some surprisingly decent special effects for a sci-fi TV series for that time. Watching it now the Nazi allegory of the story is about as subtle as jackboot on your neck, but for a 15 year old me it was awesome. So when the second mini-series, V: The Final Battle, rolled around I made sure I was in front of the TV to catch it. Then they did V: The Series which was a mess in part due to the budget constraints of a weekly TV series and the fact that the producers where just trying to milk things for all they could at that point. It quickly devolved into a cliched mess that resulted in its cancellation after only one season. Still the two mini-series seemed to do fairly well so I suppose it was only a matter of time before they decided to resurrect the series. Here’s what the original looked like:

Now, 24 years later, here’s what the remake looks like:

Looks like it’s staying pretty close to the original premise, which would be a bit of a disappointment if that is indeed the case. A lot has changed since 1985 when the original series ended. It’d be nice to see the politics updated to incorporate some of the issues we’re dealing with these days. It would be interesting to see, say, an allegory where the Visitors represented America and Earth represented Iraq. They managed to update the remake of Battlestar Galactica in a similar way. Speaking of BSG, it seems the biggest impact that show has had is in the trend to try and resurrect old shows and give them a more modern dark and gritty feel—Bionic Woman and Knightrider for example—which hasn’t done terribly well outside of BSG itself. Lets hope V has more success in that regard.

Either way I’ll probably watch at least the first episode to see how the treat it. The trailer looks decent enough, but if it’s just going to be a case of doing the same thing with prettier effects and the same ham-fisted story telling then I probably won’t make it much further in than the first episode.

SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “Star Trek”

This will be short and spoiler-free.

The wife and I saw a late showing of the new Star Trek on Saturday night so I thought I’d take a moment to offer my thoughts. Keep in mind that this comes from someone (me) who absolutely detests The Original Series, thinks The Next Generation was tolerable, couldn’t stand Deep Space Nine, and lost interest in both Voyager and Enterprise within the span of a single episode. In other words I’m about as far from a Trek Fanboy as you can get.

That said, you should go see this movie. Had the original TV series been half as entertaining as this movie I’d be a die hard fan. Simon Pegg as Scotty steals every scene he’s in making me wish he’d shown up earlier. When I left the theater I was actually excited about the prospect of this becoming a new franchise, assuming they’re able to get everyone to sign up for another outing. So go see it even if, like me, you’re not a Star Trek fanboy.

Russel T. Davies and David Tennant on leaving “Doctor Who.”

The Times Online has an interview with Russel T. Davies and David Tennant on their decision to leave Doctor Who this year. It’s not a particularly long or revealing interview, but one bit that stood out for me was their commenting on how the show’s revival made it cool to be a fan again:

The level of media speculation the show generates has never died down. It’s perhaps rivalled only by James Bond. Remarkable, considering it is, or was, a children’s show.

DT Because it’s got that cross-generational appeal, which few other things have. It’s not a working-class thing, it’s not a middle-class thing. The competition winner from Doctor Who magazine was on set today, a 15-year-old girl. When I was a kid, 15-year-old girls didn’t watch Doctor Who.

RTD It’s hard to express the joy of that. For 20 years, this thing was a joke. It was slightly embarrassing admitting liking it. In fact, very embarrassing. You’d see comedians taking the piss out of it. It would crop up on I Love the 60s shows, where they would make it look like rubbish. And to see it being what it always was in our hearts is just amazing. You mentioned it in the same sentence as James Bond. My God, that’s impossible!

I’m an old school Who fan and, while there were some changes that bothered me a bit, I have to admit that the new series has been fantastic at living up to what I once dreamed DW could be in my younger years if only it had had the budget. Of course it’s helped remarkably by the fact that Blockbuster Movie special effects can be realized cheaply enough that even amateur films look amazing these days. There’s any number of stories from the original DW series that would’ve been remarkable if they could have used some of the tools the new series has access to. And the budget, as the new series has a much higher per-episode budget than the original ever saw.

“Planet of the Dead” trailer hits the net.

The trailer for the Doctor Who Easter special Planet of the Dead has hit the net and it looks pretty cool:

Looks like a riff on Pitch Black but without the darkness and Vin Diesel.

“FAQ About Time Travel” looks like it’ll be funny.

Being billed as “Doctor Who meets Shaun of the Dead” a new British comedy called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel has just unleashed a trailer onto the Net. This movie has two things going for it with me: 1) It’s a time travel comedy and 2) It has Chris O’Dowd (Roy) from The IT Crowd in it:

Ray (Chris O’Dowd), Toby (Marc Wootton) and Pete (Dean Lennox Kelly) are ordinary, if slightly nerdy, mates. The first is obsessed with time travel, the second loves films and the third is a confirmed cynic. They’re all stuck in dead-end jobs and life is pretty uneventful until one day down the local pub Ray is approached by Cassie (Anna Faris), a woman who claims to be from the future. All rather hard to believe until Pete, the cynic, nips to the gents’ and stumbles through a time leak into the future. If things were looking bleak before they’re even worse now since Pete discovers a future full of dead people – including himself. And so begins a series of unintentional trips back and forth through time as the boys attempt to discover who is trying to kill them, and why.

Found over at

“Better off Ted” looks like it might be funny.

New sci-fi comedy show coming up on ABC looks like it might be amusing:

I’ll have to check that out.