Dana Loesch is indeed a dolt

Once again, Dave says what I wanted to say better than I could have said it. #seb #politics #scandal #idiots

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Dana Loesch is a Dolt (but she has plenty of company)
Dana Loesch is a conservative talk show host, Tea Partier, CNN talking head, and the Editor-in-Chief of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism website. That should speak for itself, but she’s also turned into one of the more prominent (and increasingly shrill) defenders of the US Marines who shot a video of themselves pissing on some dead Taliban (or dead Afghans of some sort), which then found its way onto the Net. A still from the video Even some of the louder voices on the Right have been conde…

And while we’re on the subject of Gov. Sarah Palin…

… I want to ask why the issue of her unmarried 17-year-old-daughter being pregnant is something that shouldn’t be discussed? When the announcement was made Sen. Obama himself said:

“I think people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits.”

Doesn’t the GOP bill itself as the “party of values”? Isn’t Gov. Palin herself a staunch abstinence-only sex education endorser? Doesn’t the pregnancy of a minor child of one of the candidates represent a major failing of family values and abstinence-only education? Isn’t it a valid question to ask: If she cannot instill her much-hyped family values into her own child then why should we listen to anything she has to say on the subject?

It’s not that I give a damn that her daughter, Bristol, is pregnant at 17 as it is the simple fact that had this been a Democratic candidate the Republicans would be jumping all over it like a group of castaways fighting over the last drops of water on a desert island. It wouldn’t have been more than a few hours after the announcement before someone in the GOP would have a commercial airing in the swing states pointing at the “scandal” and using it as an illustration of how liberal values will be the downfall of America. Overall the reaction from the Religious Right has been the usual “we’re not perfect, just forgiven” bullshit they trot out whenever you point out that someone over there is being a hypocrite.

But us liberals; we’re the first to step up and try to play fair when shit like this happens and the conservatives are always so grateful when we do that. Doesn’t stop them from exploiting the hell out of any mistakes we make as an indication of how our values are corrupt, but they sure do appreciate it when we don’t do the same in reverse.

Pope’s solution for the pedophile priest problem? Lots and lots of prayer!

There’s nothing like taking decisive action to correct a major problem. Too bad the Pope doesn’t seem to understand that. His idea of decisive action in dealing with the problem of pedophile priests is to wait five years after the church’s foundation has been rocked by the scandal and then command the churches to pray continuously for God to solve the problem:

Pope Benedict XVI has instructed Roman Catholics to pray “in perpetuity” to cleanse the Church of paedophile clergy. All dioceses, parishes, monasteries, convents and seminaries will be expected to organise continuous daily prayers to express penitence and to purify the clergy.

Vatican officials said that every parish or institution should designate a person or group each day to conduct continuous prayers for the Church to rid itself of the scandal of sexual abuse by clergy. Alternatively, churches in the same diocese could share the duty. Prayer would take place in one parish for 24 hours, then move to another.

The instruction was sent to bishops by Cardinal Cláudio Hummes of Brazil, head of the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy. He told L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, that he was acting in the Pope’s name. The Pope wanted Catholics to pray for the “mercy of God for the victims of the grave situations caused by the moral and sexual conduct of a very small part of the clergy”, he said.

Cause prayer works so well for sick people and sports teams. Thanks, Pope, for nothing. Which is about all your plan will add up to.

Link via Pharyngula.

Catholic church protects kids from pedo priests with a coloring book.

The whole pedophile priest scandal has quieted down a bit as of late, but for months during the height of the scandal the Powers That Be in the Catholic church kept promising they’d do more to protect kids from child molesters wearing the white collar. Finally, after months to work on the project, they’ve released their secret weapon for keeping kids safe: A coloring book:

“Being Friends, Being Safe, Being Catholic,” was distributed earlier this year to several hundred schools in the New York area as part of the church’s Safe Environment Program, a spokeswoman from the city’s Archdiocese said.

One image in the book features a guardian angel hovering over an altar boy with a priest lurking in the background.

“For safety’s sake, a child and an adult shouldn’t be alone in a closed room together,” the angel counsels. In another, the angel warns of a sexual predator attempting to chat with a child over the Internet.

Well, I’m sure that’ll solve the problem right quick.

U.S. Attorney General may be facing perjury charges.

My what a difference a day or two makes. I recall listening to a news item on NPR on the way into work Tuesday about Gonzales’ scheduled grilling at the hands of Congress which pretty much everyone believed wouldn’t actually accomplish much of anything. More than one person, mostly Republicans, rhetorically wondered why the Democrats were insisting on wasting time on such a pointless activity:

“Nobody thinks this is consequential,” Rogers says. “Nobody thinks the attorney general’s job is on the line, so it’s just kind of going to be more of the same, and the Democrats and their sympathizers will have more to snicker about, but nothing will come of it.”

Then on the way home yesterday the news was abuzz with how the Attorney General may very well have perjured himself to Congress:

Specter later circled back to Gonzales on the matter, warning him: “My suggestion to you is you review your testimony to find out if your credibility has been breached to the point of being actionable,” Specter said. The maximum penalty for being caught lying to Congress is five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 per count. Specter wryly noted to reporters during a break that there is a jail in the Capitol complex.

Last night a statement was released saying that Gonzales stands by the testimony he gave to Congress yesterday which has finally resulted in a call today for a probe of Gonzales for perjury:

WASHINGTON – A group of Senate Democrats called Wednesday for a special counsel to investigate whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales perjured himself regarding the firings of U.S. attorneys and administration dissent over President Bush’s domestic surveillance program.

“We ask that you immediately appoint an independent special counsel from outside the Department of Justice to determine whether Attorney General Gonzales may have misled Congress or perjured himself in testimony before Congress,” four Democratic senators wrote in a letter Wednesday, according to a draft obtained by The Associated Press.

“It has become apparent that the Attorney General has provided at a minimum half-truths and misleading statements” to the Judiciary Committee, they added.

It’s still too early to tell if this will actually lead up to anything or not, but it’s certainly does my heart some good to see the A.G. getting tripped up in his own repeated lies. It also clearly illustrates why the Democrats are entirely in the right for repeatedly challenging the White House’s insistence that they’ll only allow administration members to testify in private and without swearing an oath. Had the A.G. been able to testify to Congress without being under oath and with no official record kept he probably wouldn’t be in the sticky situation he now finds himself in.

But what really amuses me about this whole mess is the following quote from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

“Reinforcing public confidence in the department is also critical, and will be one of my top priorities as attorney general for the remainder of my term,” Gonzales said in the prepared statement.

“I believe very strongly that there is no place for political considerations in the hiring of our career employees or in the administration of justice,” he said. “As such, these allegations have been troubling to hear. From my perspective, there are two options available in light of these allegations. I would walk away or I could devote my time, effort and energy to fix the problems. Since I have never been one to quit, I decided that the best course of action was to remain here and fix the problems.”

I had to laugh that bitter, cynical laugh that I have when I heard him promise he was going to keep his job in order to restore public confidence DOJ. Surely he must know that he’s the reason the public’s confidence is waining. However, just in case he really is that clueless, allow me to say:

Mr. Attorney General, if you’re truly serious about restoring public confidence then do us all a favor and quit. I realize there’s nothing stopping Bush from appointing someone even more dishonest and inept as you have been to the office, but it’s a chance I think most Americans at this point are willing to take.

In the Bush Administration you can break the law and not do time.

Yesterday President Bush decided to commute Libby’s prison sentence:

In a written statement commuting the prison sentence, issued hours after Monday’s ruling, Bush called the sentence “excessive,” and suggested that Libby will pay a big enough price for his conviction.

“The consequences of his felony conviction on his former life as a lawyer, public servant, and private citizen will be long-lasting,” he said.

The president, who has been under great pressure to pardon Libby, said Libby was given “a harsh sentence based in part on allegations never presented to the jury.”

So we’ll impeach a president for a blow job in the Oval office, but one who consistently lies to American citizens, violates law after law, launches us into an ill-conceived war on false premises, and then commutes the sentences of the few administration officials to be held accountable for their actions is pretty much is left to do as he pleases. And people wonder why this country is in the state its in.