The trials and tribulations of a Santa for pets.

You’ve got to hand it to Santa. He doesn’t limit himself to just good little girls and boys these days. He’s also fond of dogs and cats and just about anything else people keep as pets. You can even take your pet to see Santa in some places. Santa tells us what it’s like dealing with pets in this news article from the UPI:

‘‘I’ve been peed on by dogs, pooped on by birds,’’ Hutchinson said. “But pets still are way easier than kids.’‘

Hutchinson’s position isn’t made any better by the fact that nearly any animal can attend the annual holiday event and earn a spot on Santa’s lap.

Event photographer told the Herald that during the event’s 10-year history, he has seen a wide variety of animals take part in the holiday tradition.

“We’ve had chickens, frogs, iguanas, chameleons, rats, gerbils, rabbits, sugar gliders, tarantulas and even a skunk,’’ Martinez told the newspaper. “Santa has no fear.’‘

As you can tell this isn’t the real Santa, but one of his helpers lending a hand with a recent fund raiser. The event seems to do well and is held annually. I just loved how he says that pets are way easier than kids.

Santa’s secret Gmail account.

Here, for the first time, is a sneak peek at Santa’s Gmail account:

Click to embiggen!

I have a lot in common with Santa! I totally have Bono and Jesus Christ in my Google Talk buddy list too!

Found over at Gizmodo.

NORAD is tracking Santa again this year.

And it looks like they’re keeping up with the times with a massive update to the NORAD tracks Santa website. This year’s page looks quite a bit better and makes use of Google Maps to show not only where Santa currently is but also to provide you with educational links on the places he’s been to so far. They’re also making use of YouTube to post updates from the Santa Cams and Google Earth for folks who want to track Santa right on their own PCs. For you traditionalists out there the site also lists the official NORAD tracks Santa phone numbers so you can call and talk with someone who’s job is normally to shoot down invading alien aircraft to ensure that they don’t accidentally blast Santa out of the air.

Man, as a kid, I would’ve eaten this sort of thing up like so much sweet candy. I found it very easy to get swept up in the excitement back then and this sort of website would’ve just driven me over the hyperspastic edge of joy.

An important lesson from Santa.

This was sent along by Hank Fox and I just had to share it here.