The MTV Shop takes its time to ship, but is quick on delivery.

You may recall me mentioning that I took advantage of a Rock Band deal a couple of weeks ago. The folks at MTV/Harmonix are offering a bundle consisting of the original RB, the RB 2 sequel, and an AC/DC Track Pack for, at the time, $99 +S/H. There was a note on the order page that said it would ship in 10 to 14 days, but every mail order site says that so I didn’t think it would actually take that long.

Tuesday was 12 days from the day I’d ordered it and I was getting a little antsy. Then an email showed up saying that they expected to ship the bundle within the next couple of days and I’d be notified as soon as it shipped. Disappointing, but at least I knew they hadn’t forgotten about me. No futher email yesterday and no email today. So imagine my surprise when I got a knock on the door today from the UPS guy with a package from the MTV Shop. Yep, he was delivering my RB Megabundle before I was ever notified that it had shipped. In fact I didn’t get the notification that it was shipping with the tracking number until 2 hours after I’d gotten the package. It’s like it traveled back in time to arrive before it ever left!

The best part, though, is that they’ve decided to lower the price to $79 and shipping is now free and they applied that to all existing orders. That means my cost dropped from $115 ($99 + $14.95 shipping) to just $79. Not too shabby. So it takes them awhile to get around to shipping it, but once they do it arrives before the notification email. I can only imagine it must take them a couple of weeks to warm their time machine up or something.

Incidentally, if the new lower price makes you want to take advantage of it they’re still offering it at

I wanna be a (pretend) rock star!

I’m not usually one for rhythm based games, but I have gotten rather fond of Harmonix’s Rock Band as a result of playing it at work. The fact that the game, along with all the instruments, cost $160+ at launch pretty much has kept me from picking up the game for home. Of course that price is from over two years ago and today you can get Rock Band Special Edition, which comes with the instruments, for $99.

That still wasn’t good enough for me so I’ve been holding out for a really good deal. Which has been frustrating because all the really good deals for the past several months have been for various iterations of Guitar Hero, RB’s main competition.  Those almost tempted me into picking up a GH game, but two things have kept me from doing so: 1) I wasn’t sure if I’d like the GH guitar controller as much as I like RB’s and 2) the pending release of The Beatles Rock Band. I’m a huge fan of The Beatles so when it was announced that RB had nailed down a license with them that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Today my patience has been rewarded. The folks at MTV/Harmonix are now offering the Rock Band Mega Bundle which gives you Rock Band Special Edition for the PS3 or Xbox 360 plus a copy of Rock Band 2 and a copy of Rock Band AC/DC Track Pack for $99 ($115 after S/H). Two full games, all the instruments, plus a bunch of extra songs for the same price as just the first game alone? That’s a savings I can sink my teeth into even if I’m not a huge fan of AC/DC.

We’re considering it an early birthday present for me as my birthday is on the 25th. Though if it does take the 10 to 14 days to ship the site says it might then it may not be all that early of a present. Still I’ll be ready when The Beatles Rock Band is released sometime later this year. JethricOne has been playing RB on his PS2 with his daughter for some time now and we’re already making plans to get together and jam out on RB2. The fact that J1 is willing to sing just shows you how addictive this game can be. At some point I’ll have to look into a decent second guitar to pick up so someone can play bass in the band.

Games I’m looking forward to: “The Beatles: Rock Band”

I have so far managed to avoid spending the money on any of the popular music rhythm games. In part this is because of the rather expensive nature of the games due to the custom guitar/drum/microphone controllers they use. I’ve only really had experience with Rock Band here at work so I’m inclined to go with that game just from familiarity, but all the deals being offered are on Guitar Hero which has made that game tempting. It’s resulted in a stalemate of sorts that has kept me from spending any money at all, which is probably for the best. Alas the folks at Harmonix, makers of Rock Band, have come up with a release that will likely be just the thing to finally push me over the edge into a purchase of their game: A version featuring The Beatles!

Following is the opening cinematic for the game and it’s so freakin’ cool I wish the whole game was done in this style. Don’t know who did the animation, but I’d love to see a full-length animated feature done like this:

To save some cash, because I’m probably the only person in the house that’ll play it, I’ll probably pick up the game disc by itself and then buy a separate guitar controller to go with it as opposed to dropping the couple hundred the deluxe edition with all the instruments is likely to cost.

One of the advantages of working afternoons….

…is the fact that you’re the only one in the Tech Lab most of the night. Which means you can finally break down and try out Rock Band on the Xbox 360 without embarrassing yourself in front of your coworkers. So far I’ve sucked marginally on the guitar. I’m about to see how badly I suck on the drums. I’m not about to find out how much I suck on the microphone.

I can see why the game, along with Guitar Hero, is popular. Not as difficult as the Dance Dance Revolution games and it does kinda, sorta, just a little, maybe, feel like you’re in a band. Kinda. But not enough to make me want to buy the game.

It’s a slow Friday night and I’ve made it all the way through my RSS feeds. So sue me.