Obama’s speech on a “More Perfect Union.”

I was going to write about the speech that Obama gave yesterday on the recent hubbub about remarks made by his church’s pastor, but ***Dave said everything I was going to say so I’ll just point to his entry and add a “what he said” to it. If you haven’t seen it yourself then the following video is worth watching:

I’ll be honest and admit that I wasn’t too sure about Obama back when he first entered into the race, but as time has gone on he has continuously impressed me with his stance on the issues and the speeches he’s been giving. Plus the fact that it would piss Moloch off to no end to have a black man as President makes voting for him very attractive indeed.

Can’t We Just Let This Die?

While reading FARK.com I found the story below. While not exactly a major news item it still bothers me. My wife and I are an interracial couple, our son Aidan is as pale as Casper’s ass and aside from his nose, he doesn’t look as though he is my wife’s biological son so we often hear comments about how wonderful it was for my wife to adopt my son as her own; ad nauseum. If not something similar, my wife is also the subject of a number of rude comments from members of the African American community who have accused her of “betraying her race” and some people have even told her she needs to “stay in the race”. The point being, I’ve come to the conclusion that while race does sometimes play a factor in life, its influence is no where near as widespread as it’s been argued. I won’t ruin the article, surmise to say that I think its a total crock of shit, but I would appreciate a different perspective.