The IDiots behind the “Expelled” movie manage to screw up again.

You may recall a week or so ago an entry here by R.D. Newman about how Professor PZ Myers was expelled from a screening of the Intelligent Design propaganda film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. It was particularly amusing because they apparently didn’t realize one of PZ’s guests, all of whom made it into the movie, was Richard Dawkins. Well this caused quite a bit of a stir and the cancellation of a few screenings as the producers tried to figure out how they could spin the fiasco to their advantage. They put out a lame press release that didn’t convince anyone and then decided they would hold a conference call and invite a bunch of journalists and bloggers.

Now for a group that keeps harping on the idea of free speech being denied to ID believing scientists you have to wonder why they go to such great lengths to control who has the freedom to ask questions at their events. The conference call, for example, only allowed questions to be submitted via email as all of the lines the journalists/bloggers were on were muted. This means that the producers of the film could happily ignore any emailed questions they didn’t feel like answering. However at least one line into the conference was two-way and the producers were stupid enough to mention this fact—along with the code for the unmuted line—about an hour before the press conference was due to begin on the very line that the journalist/bloggers were going to be listening in on. They assumed that there wasn’t anyone on the conference line that early before the start time, but there was:

However, I dialed in a few minutes early, and got to listen to a tiresome five minutes of Leslie and Paul chatting away, during which time they mentioned the secret code (DUNH DUNH DUNNNNH!) for the two way calls. I know. Sloppy, unprofessional, and stupid, but that’s the way they work.

So … I redialed. (DUNH DUNH DUNNNNH!)

Then I listened along quietly until I could take no more.

Yes, PZ managed to crash their party once again. Better yet, the girls over at Skepchicks recorded the whole thing. Again PZ shows the IDiots just how stupid they are. Can’t wait for the next lame press release from the folks at Expelled explaining how they knew PZ was on the two-way line all along and blah blah blah.