When protesting the TSA’s new screening policies…

Pic of TSA Logo…try to remember that the poor schlep in front of you is just doing his or her job. I say this because protesting the current screening policies at airports is becoming increasingly more common and some folks are being way too nasty about it.

It’s not that I think you shouldn’t protest in some fashion, but it can be easy to forget in the heat of the moment that the person in front of you isn’t the one who made the rules. He’s just the one who has to enforce them and he’s probably not any happier about it than you are. There are plenty of ways you can register your complaint without being overly abusive to the poor guy who’s standing right in front of you.

In fact, if you can get into the spirit of things, you could have all sorts of fun with it. ¬†One lady wore a bikini through the checkpoint and at least a couple of guys have done it in Speedos. If you’re really brave you can do like this woman did and strip down to your see-through underwear (NSFW video clip at that link).

There’s also plenty of products out there you can make use of if you want to get your message across in a more passive-aggressive way. Stuff like the 4th Amendment Underwear that has the amendment printed on it in metallic ink so it’ll show up if you decide to submit to the x-ray scanners. There are others too that will put fig leaves over your naughty bits among other things.

Try to have a sense of humor about it is what I’m saying. Just try not to bash on the poor slob who has to feel you up ’cause it’s not his fault.