This parody voiceover so appeals to my cynical side.

Snark and sarcasm ahoy! I’d have a lot more respect for marketeers if this were a real ad. #seb #parody #commercials

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This guy’s voiceover parodies are hilarious.

Eee Pad Transformer:

Eee Pad Slider:

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Can you handle the terror that is “Groverfield?”

The folks who brought you Cloverfield have teamed up with the folks who produce Sesame Street for the next big monster movie smash:

Looks good!

“I Love The World (Of Video Games)”

If you, like me, watch a fair amount of the Discovery Channel then chances are you’ve seen their “I Love The World” promo. I think it’s probably their best promotion ever and I find it hard not to sing along every time it comes on, but I like this variation on it even better:

Created by the folks over at Gamer’s Prodigy it pretty much says it all.

For comparison here’s the Discovery Channel’s original version:

Yeah, never get tired of that one.