Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Jesus, Take The Wheel edition.

I’ve been writing up TMFWMYC articles for years now and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from them it’s that when Jesus speaks to you, nine times out of ten, you’re probably better off ignoring him.

Take the example of James A. Mucciaccio Jr. who did about $50K of damage to his
2000 Ferrari coupe when he heard the call to drive it off a Palm Beach dock into a lake from none other than the Son of God himself:

Police said Mucciaccio told them he was waiting for a friend to pick him up by the dock. When the officer told Mucciaccio he couldn’t park on the dock, Mucciaccio reversed toward the road but then suddenly switched into drive and drove into the inlet “at a high rate of speed,” the report says.

Police said Mucciaccio, who Palm Beach Fire-Rescue said was uninjured, “was able to exit” the car before it sank and was eventually helped onto a boat by a passing fisherman.

After reaching shore, Mucciaccio walked back to the officer, police said, and said Jesus told him to drive off the dock “and into a 6-foot window.” Mucciaccio also told police, “Money is going to be irrelevant in two days; remember to smile,” according to the report.

The passing fisherman who helped Mucciaccio to shore told police that Mucciaccio said he drove into the inlet because the “officer on the dock was Egyptian and he did not believe in Jesus.”

Source: Palm beach daily news

Now it’s possible that Jesus just doesn’t understand how cars are supposed to be utilized — it’s not like they were around in his time — but that seems like some really questionable advice.

Or perhaps he thought Jesus would turn his car into this bit of awesomeness allowing for a quick getaway!
Photo Credit:Kmr1985

Now I can already hear you furiously typing in the comments about how clearly this guy was nuts and Jesus didn’t actually tell him to drive his car into the lake, but the news article notes that the police haven’t stated if Mucciaccio had or would be charged with any crimes even though he did $1K of damage when he sideswiped a metal ladder that was town property on his way into the water. Clearly the police accepted his claim as God’s honest truth and who are they to stand in the way of an order from Jesus even if it doesn’t make any sense?

Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Sodomite Semen edition.

So there’s a Pastor in NYC by the name of David James Manning at a church known as ATLAH (“All The Land Anointed Holy”) Worldwide Church that has a reputation for preaching some pretty hateful attitudes towards homosexuals. In addition to being the head Pastor at the church Manning also makes YouTube videos to spread the Good Word in a series he calls, humbly enough, The Manning Report.

In his most recent report, Manning tells us about how his church was recently visited by “sodomite protesters” who were armed with a “big bucket” of Starbucks coffee and assorted Starbucks paraphernalia. Which gives him the perfect opportunity to inform his dedicated following of why they shouldn’t drink Starbucks coffee. First, he believes that your local Starbucks is “Ground Zero” for Ebola because it’s popular among LGBT people and the doctor who was recently in the hospital in New York because he came down with the disease often frequents Starbucks himself. This was stupid enough in itself to get him and his church mentioned on a number of news sites and blogs, but now he points to an even more insidious concern: Starbucks is spiking their drinks with the semen taken from sodomites!

Seriously, he actually said that. Check it for yourself:

Here even goes on to cite a legitimate news site, The Inquisitr, as his source for this revelation. Turns out they did run an article titled: Were Semen Samples Really Found In Starbucks Drinks Nationwide, Initiating An FDA Investigation? It’s just a shame the good Pastor didn’t actually read the whole article:

Those stories will definitely put Starbucks on a pedestal of respect, but another report may destroy all of that. Apparently, semen was found in Starbucks drinks nationwide, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently investigating the situation. The article picked up steam when it was shared among numerous social sites, including Facebook and Twitter. This will surely hurt Starbucks’ reputation, right? Fortunately for them, the derogatory article is fake.

It’s clear that Manning didn’t read much, if any, of the article because this important tidbit is at the end of the second fucking paragraph. Doesn’t matter, Manning buys into it completely saying:

And the Inquisitr news… online news service carried this as a major story the week before that what Star… what Starbucks was doing is that they would take and specimens of male, uh, semen and they were putting it in the blends of their, um, their lattes. Now this is the absolute truth. Right there, you can see it right there on the Inquisitr online services, the big article on the investigation into Starbucks using male semen and putting it into the blends of coffees that they sell. I mean can you imagine that, and I believe that they were doing that. 

youreseriousHe goes on to cite the fact that once upon a time Coca-Cola used actual cocaine in their soft drink apparently thinking it proves that companies use potentially horrifying ingredients in their beverages all the time.

He is so keen to believe that Starbucks is spiking their coffees with semen that he doesn’t bother to check on whether or not there is any basis to the story. Something he would’ve discovered easily by reading just two lousy paragraphs of the very news item he cites as proof of it happening. He carries on endlessly about how The Inquisitr is a “reputable online news service” that wrote “three pages on this event.” Which is pretty funny because A) it’s not three pages and B) he didn’t read enough of page one to catch the bit about it being a hoax.

But that’s not important! What is important is his question of “where are they getting all this semen from?” His answer? They’re getting it from sodomites, natch! It just makes sense! Especially if you’ve been dropped on your head repeatedly as a baby.

You really have to watch the whole thing because it just gets crazier from there. Especially when he starts talking about how semen is just like “cord blood” in how it contains “millions and millions of little zygotes in it” which “flavors up” the coffee. Next thing you know he’s going on about killing babies and drinking their blood and the soon-to-happen closing of Starbucks after the FDA completes their investigation.

It would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that this nutcase has people who believe every word he utters as though it were, well, the gospel truth. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you’re willing to buy into the idea of an all-powerful being that popped the universe into existence by sheer will alone and spends all his time micromanaging it and the creatures within to win a cosmic popularity contest against another entity he created and could have eliminated at any time, well, you’ll probably believe just about anything.

Annual “Halloween is evil” message comes with a new homosexual twist!

Boo!If it’s October then it must be time for the annual “Satan loves Halloween” message from overly credulous Evangelicals. This year’s warning comes from Linda Harvey of Mission America as posted on the WingNut Daily website.

Not only does she engage in the usual demons-will-get-you nonsense, but she manages to one-up previous year’s warning by linking it to homosexuality:

2. Halloween is now the second-most popular American celebration right behind Christmas. Why the growing magnetism of Halloween? Spiritual deception on a grand scale, using every enticing trick in the book, may be at work. And such trends call for heightened Christian discernment.

This event has become a huge annual celebration in the “LGBT” world, especially for the transgender/ gender-confused folks. Their affinity illustrates some of the problem: The core of Halloween is glittering artificiality. You can be pretend to be someone you aren’t for a night, you can flirt with danger, you can divine a different destiny – but it’s all void of the love or will of God. This “seduction unto death” is enticing: Don’t be afraid, do what you want, there’s nothing to fear. It’s one of Satan’s oldest tricks. Costume parties can be fun, but these costumes dare to disguise even our very souls.

via 10 reasons to fast from Halloween.

Icky gay people like it so you know it’s icky!

Though it’s not just the gays that get the guilt-by-association treatment here. Reason #1 on the list makes sure that witches aren’t forgotten:

1. Let’s be honest about the spiritual force at the center of Halloween. The modern celebration retains its decidedly occult origin. Some say the “All Hallows Eve” designation on some church calendars marks it as a Christian holiday, but an eighth-century accommodation to local pagan traditions for appeasing evil spirits is very thin gruel, Gospel-wise.

Halloween remains the highest sacred day of the year for modern witches and pagans, called “Samhain” (pronounced, “sow-een”). Some rationalize that Halloween transforms ghouls and goblins into light-hearted fun, but is Halloween’s makeover into a big joke a biblical approach? While Christians need not cringe in fear of the demonic realm, nor be overly preoccupied, neither are we to mock and scoff, cavalierly entering Satan’s territory while dismissing the danger. We are especially not to encourage our children in such recklessness.

Keep in mind that this woman, and many other Evangelical Christians like her, literally believes that demons are real and are lurking in the shadows in anticipation of your kid playing with an Ouija board so they can swallow their souls. She must lead a very stressful life worrying about nonsense like that all the time.

That said, she and her like-minded brethren are free to keep their kids safely at home on Halloween if they really want to. It’s not like anyone has ended up psychologically scarred for not having been allowed to trick or treat as a kid. All they’re missing out on is a bit of harmless fun. It just means more candy for the rest of us.

There’s still a few Catholics out there who think the Earth is the center of the Universe.

It’s been four centuries since the Catholic church persecuted Galileo for his theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun only to later admit that the evidence backed him up. Heliocentrism is the official stance of the Church today.

But there’s a group of Catholics out there that still think Galileo was wrong and the Church was right:

A few Catholics still insist Galileo was wrong –

Those promoting geocentrism argue that heliocentrism, or the centuries-old consensus among scientists that Earth revolves around the sun, is a conspiracy to squelch the church’s influence.

“Heliocentrism becomes dangerous if it is being propped up as the true system when, in fact, it is a false system,” said Robert Sungenis, leader of a budding movement to get scientists to reconsider. “False information leads to false ideas, and false ideas lead to illicit and immoral actions — thus the state of the world today.… Prior to Galileo, the church was in full command of the world, and governments and academia were subservient to her.

If you’re paying attention then it should be pretty obvious that the real concern here for these idiots is that the Church doesn’t have quite the iron grip on society that it used to have in the past and they’ve decided that Heliocentrism is where it all started to go wrong.  In other words, they want to drag the world back into the Dark Ages when the Catholic church kept the masses ignorant and ruled in a totalitarian manner. People are so much more moral after a few applications of a red hot poker. Not to mention getting people to confess was a lot easier when you could torture it out of them.

Considering the length of time and amount of evidence that Heliocentrism has enjoyed these yahoos must have some pretty amazing evidence that the theory is incorrect, right? Well, they think they do:

There is proof in Scripture that Earth is the center of the universe, Sungenis said. Among many verses, he cites Joshua 10:12-14 as definitive proof: “And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, while the nation took vengeance on its foe.… The sun halted in the middle of the sky; not for a whole day did it resume its swift course.”

Oh look, they’re pointing to a few Bible verses and using the if-the-Bible-says-it-it-must-be-true argument that’s so popular among Evangelists here in America. That’s it. That’s all they’ve got is a couple of Bible verses.

Which is ironic when you get to this part of the news article:

But Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., said the Bible is silent on geocentrism.

“There’s a big difference between looking at the origin of the planets, the solar system and the universe and looking at presently how they move and how they are interrelated,” Ham said. “The Bible is neither geocentric or heliocentric. It does not give any specific information about the structure of the solar system.”

When you make Ken Ham sound reasonable you’ve got real cause to be concerned. Ken’s anti-Evolution arguments are pretty stupid themselves and rely on a lot of Bible verses to back them up so when he’s saying you’re out there, man, you are out there.

I’m sorry way-retro Catholic dudes, but you don’t get to decide what the facts are anymore. You’ll have to stick to killing people through massive misinformation campaigns about condoms and birth control where you still cause entirely too much damage as it is. They day when your silly superstition fades from people’s minds for good can’t come soon enough.

Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: God told me to swim edition.

God makes a lot of questionable demands of his followers. Demands like, “Hey, take your kid up on the mountain and sacrifice him to me!” Or “Hey, strip down to your trunks and swim to Liberty Island!”

The latter order was given to an unnamed 29-year-old man in New York city who ended up having to be rescued by U.S. park police as a result:

“When we got to him he was shivering like a leaf and the tides were taking him away from Liberty Island,” United States Park Police Officer Kurt Zeil, who helped respond to the call, told the Post. “He said God told him to swim to Liberty Island. He said he would rather drown than get on the boat.”

Eventually, the beleaguered swimmer agreed to board the rescue ship. He was taken to Jersey City Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. His condition is unknown at this time.

via Rescued Man Says God Told Him to Swim to Liberty Island | NBC New York.

Again I have to wonder why anyone would think this man would need a psychiatric evaluation. Did anyone demand that Abraham be given a psychiatric evaluation after he almost sacrificed his kid? Of course not! He was only doing what God had demanded him to do and it’s not his fault that God was only kidding. That God, such a joker.

I seriously doubt the folks that arrested this young man were all atheists. In fact, I’m willing to bet that many of them were Christians. Presumably they accept the story of Abraham as true and this demand is nowhere near as nasty as the one Abraham was given, though it is just as nonsensical. How do they know that God wasn’t testing this man’s devotion like he was Abraham back in the day?  They may have fucked up his chances of going to Heaven by interfering!

Or maybe the guy’s just a nut and his fellow Christians recognize the fact despite what they claim to believe about the Bible.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene return to Earth as an Australian couple.

Click to embiggen!

If you’re still looking for Jesus Christ then perhaps you should plan a trip to Australia:

“Just a little over 2000 years ago, we arrived on the Earth for the first time,” Miller says on his website. “Because of my personal desire and passion for God, as I grew, I recognized not only that I was the Messiah that was foretold by ancient prophets, but also that I was in a process designed by God that all humans could follow, if they so desired.”

Miller, 47, and Luck, 32, have drawn in between 30 and 40 disciples since moving to the Wilkesdale region of Queensland in 2007, the Courier Mail reports.

“I don’t want to be Jesus. Who wants to be Jesus?” Miller told his followers. “But I love the divine truth.”

Apparently Jesus and Mary have been living as Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck to avoid all of the autograph hounds that living under their real names would’ve caused.

To say that reading Jesus/Allen’s website is fascinating would be a major understatement. It contains all manner of revelations such as the claim that Mary Magdalene was/is Jesus’ soul mate and that they were married and expecting a daughter at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. They have returned because it wasn’t long before the Divine Truths™ they had taught their followers back in the day were corrupted by those who would use Jesus’ message to obtain power. It took awhile, but Jesus found a messenger to try and correct these errors:

In the early 20th century, myself and many other Celestial Angels, and spirits on other paths of spiritual progression, managed to convey many of the Truths to a man named James Padgett. We expected that these Truths would grow on earth once Padgett received these Truths, but unfortunately, no-one really fully understood the message that was given. In addition, Mary, myself, and some other spirits by the late 20th century had found a way to return to earth to demonstrate these Truths, along with many more Truths obtained over 2000 years of spiritual progression. So, in the later half of the 20th century, 7 soul pairs, or 14 people, made plans to return to earth and teach the Divine Truth again.

You’d think Jesus wouldn’t have to “find a way” to return to the Earth, what with being God and all. You’d think he could’ve come back at any time he felt like it, but apparently being a God isn’t as easy as you might think.

Yes, I’m poking fun at a clearly deluded couple of Australians and I suppose it’s nice to know that America isn’t the only place with religious nutcases, but there is a bigger point to be made here:

I have as much reason to accept the claims of these two idiots as I do the claims about Jesus made in the Bible. For all I know they really are Jesus and Mary Magdalene returned to Earth to tell us how best to live our lives. They may even have a personal hotline to God for all I know. They’ve managed to attract enough followers to have an impact on the local economy:

Divine reincarnation or not, the holy couple has worked wonders for local real estate. Miller and Luck’s move to Wilkesdale reportedly sparked an “unlikely property boom,” as their followers aggressively purchased much of the surrounding land.

In 2009, followers pooled together $400,000 to purchase roughly one square mile of land, where they currently hold weekly meetings and plan to build an international visitors center.

So apparently there are folks willing to believe them enough to congregate around them. Granted, that’s not saying much when folks like Harold Camping can convince thousands of people the world is going to end, but the point remains. I have just as much reason to believe them as I did Camping or the Bible. They all have equal amounts of evidence backing them up (read: none, beyond some folks willing to vouch for them/it). You can’t prove that they aren’t Jesus/Mary Magdalene.

So why aren’t you believers flocking to him? If it really is Jesus then you’re missing a great opportunity to hear his message first hand. What if he’s right and his message was distorted shortly after his death and what you’ve been reading as the Gospel Truth is corrupted and wrong in many ways? Wouldn’t you want to make sure by asking him directly? What basis do you have to reject his claims?

SEB PSA: You have 12 days till the End of the World.

Pic of Family Radio Fools.

We're going to be very upset come May 22nd!

If you’ve been an SEB regular for awhile then you may recall back in January of last year when I wrote about Christian nutcase Harold Camping and his prediction that the rapture would occur on May 21st, 2011. For those of you without calendars, that’s a mere 12 days away. Still plenty of time to run up those credit card bills and tell off those family members who think you’re crazy for listening to a man who has already been wrong in predicting the end of the world once already. Your natural inclination is to think no one would take this nutter seriously, but plenty do making a point of listening to his sermons on and handing out tracts to anyone who will accept them.

While it’s always fun to ridicule folks like Camping, it becomes a little less so when you realize just how much some folks have invested, sometimes literally, in his bullshit:

Haubert says the Bible contains coded “proofs” that reveal the timing. For example, he says, from the time of Noah’s flood to May 21, 2011, is exactly 7,000 years. Revelations like this have changed his life.

“I no longer think about 401(k)s and retirement,” he says. “I’m not stressed about losing my job, which a lot of other people are in this economy. I’m just a lot less stressed, and in a way I’m more carefree.”

He’s tried to warn his friends and family. They think he’s crazy. And that saddens him.

“Oh, it’s very hard,” he says. “I worry about friends and family and loved ones. But I guess more recently, I’m just really looking forward to it.”

via Is The End Nigh? We’ll Know Soon Enough : NPR.

My friends and family will be suffering eternal torment and I couldn’t be more stoked!

Yeah, that’s a bit twisted, but this is just sad:

“Knowing the date of the end of the world changes all your future plans,” says 27-year-old Adrienne Martinez.

She thought she’d go to medical school, until she began tuning in to Family Radio. She and her husband, Joel, lived and worked in New York City. But a year ago, they decided they wanted to spend their remaining time on Earth with their infant daughter.

“My mentality was, why are we going to work for more money? It just seemed kind of greedy to me. And unnecessary,” she says.

And so, her husband adds, “God just made it possible — he opened doors. He allowed us to quit our jobs, and we just moved, and here we are.”

Now they are in Orlando, in a rented house, passing out tracts and reading the Bible. Their daughter is 2 years old, and their second child is due in June. Joel says they’re spending the last of their savings. They don’t see a need for one more dollar.

“You know, you think about retirement and stuff like that,” he says. “What’s the point of having some money just sitting there?”

“We budgeted everything so that, on May 21, we won’t have anything left,” Adrienne adds.

Nothing, except for the fervent hope that all of them will be raptured.

Oh, but there will be some major disappointment come May 22nd. These people have thrown away their livelihoods and any aspirations for the future on a fantasy that isn’t going to happen. Harold Camping is 89-years-old so it doesn’t really matter to him if he’s wrong because he’s already lived his life. His legacy will be the hundreds, if not thousands, of people he managed to delude into believing his nonsense whose lives he will have severely damaged, if not outright ruined. He’s convinced them all to take the ultimate sucker’s bet and he’s gonna have some serious ‘splanin’ to do in less than a fortnight.

I often say that too much faith will make you crazy and it’s hard to find a better example of that than Camping and his fools. Still, they have every right to believe whatever stupid-ass thing they want to. Just feel bad they don’t have a Plan B just in case, and I know the chances are ridiculously slim, that Camping might be wrong a second time.

Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Stabbing yourself in the hand edition.

True Believers will do some crazy things to try and prove to an atheist that God is real. For example, during a recent “Ask an Atheist” event at Virginia Tech freshman student Alexander M. Huppert thought he had come up with an irrefrutable argument that God does exist:

Witnesses said Huppert stood near the table for nearly an hour. Approaching the table, Huppert borrowed a pen and drew a circle with a cross inside on the back of his hand.

Nicole Schrand, a senior psychology major, said Huppert then asked students at the table to stab him in the cross with the pen to “prove to us God existed.” The students declined.

“We don’t believe in assaulting people,” Schrand said. “We’re very against assaulting people.”

Huppert then asked for the pen back, a request Schrand and other students declined. Seeing another pen, Huppert grabbed it and began stabbing himself in the back of the hand.

“If it had been a more streamlined pen, I would have expected it to go through,” Schrand said.

I’m not sure I see the logic in this argument. Are we supposed to think that because this nutcase is willing to be stabbed repeatedly in his hand that this proves God exists?

Apparently, this was an important issue for Mr. Huppert as when the police showed up he refused to cooperate. Opting instead to smack the officer whereupon things quickly went downhill ending with him arrested and smashing out the back window of a cop car:

Huppert was charged with three counts of felony assault on a police officer, as well as charges of resisting arrest and destruction of property.

He was processed and transferred to Montgomery County Jail, where he is being held without bond.

The only thing he managed to convince the atheists about was his lack of sanity. But at least he demonstrated how well Christianity instills one with kindness and love for his fellow man.

Man looking for a “portal to hell” stabs a couple of old ladies in New Jersey.

No idea if too much religion or just too many drugs are to blame for this incident so I’ll let it speak for itself:

UNION, N.J. — A man who claimed he was seeking the “portal to hell” repeatedly stabbed two women early Friday after they noticed misplaced items in their backyard and opened the door to a shed where he was staked out, law enforcement officials said.

A neighbor jumped a fence after hearing the women scream and hit their assailant, 25-year-old Morgan Mesz, in the head with a baseball bat, ending the attacks, authorities said. The two women were seriously hurt.

Mesz was charged with three counts of attempted murder and was being held on $1.5 million bail. Authorities did not know if Mesz had an attorney, and a phone number for him could not be found.

via Police: Man Seeking ‘Portal To Hell’ Stabs 2 – News Story – KXLY Spokane.

Considering he was in New Jersey, you’d think he’d be looking for a portal out of hell. Ba dump dump tsshhh!

Man considers heart-shaped potato to be a sign from God.

When someone puts forth something silly as proof of the existence of God I usually just roll my eyes and continue on my way. Usually, but not this time.

Pic of heart shaped potato.

It only has "eyes" for you. Get it?

I was shopping one day, and bought a large bag of potatoes, and usually they are oval or round, but this one was perfectly shaped like a heart. I have had a really hard life and sometimes, I feel like I can’t go on anymore, and I have always believed in God, and with all the craziness in the world today, we sometimes need a sign that God is here, even in a small way. This isn’t one of the crazy situations where someone says they saw God in a burned piece of toast, or someone spills paint and says they saw Him in a paint smudge. No, this is a real’ creation of His. It’s not just a warped potato leaning toward the shape of a heart, it’s really a perfectly shaped heart, and there is no other explanation than God sent it. I know people will say it’s just a potato, blah blah blah, but I am a smart person, and I believe in God, and I acknowledge when I see something he created. There’s so much corruption in New Jersey, the list is growing daily here. So it’s nice to see something good for a change, even something so small.via God’s Heart |

I will concede that the potato does resemble the classically romanticized image of a heart. It’s also possible that there is a God of some sort out there someplace who might have thought that sending it to this poor fellow was an appropriate way to alleviate his stress. I seriously doubt it, but it’s possible. That’s not what bothers me about this little bit of ‘evidence.’

What bother’s me is the writers inability to conceive that his finding this peculiarly shaped tuber could be the result of anything other than an act of God. Quoting him again, he makes the following claim:

It’s not just a warped potato leaning toward the shape of a heart, it’s really a perfectly shaped heart, and there is no other explanation than God sent it.

Well, no, it’s not a perfectly shaped heart. It has irregularities and imperfections that are clearly visible just as one would expect if it is the result of natural processes. There are also any number of possibilities for its shape other than God taking time out of his busy schedule to sit down and mold it himself. Where was it grown? Was it constricted in some way that would have forced it to grow in such a shape? Might a farmer have been experimenting with forced morphology in hopes of producing a novelty that would sell even better? (In Japan they grow square watermelons.) Could it be a conjoined pair of potatoes? Could it have been plain old random dumb luck?

All of those potentialities are possible and are more probable than the possibility that it was a small gift from God. The idea that it’s impossible for a vegetable to grow like that through a natural process implies that all of the other vegetables that develop in ways that make them appear to be genitalia are also a sign from God. If this fellow had received a potato shaped like a dick and balls would he have taken that as a gift from God? (God says SCREW YOU!)

And, really, if he’s had as much trouble as he claims to have had why wouldn’t God do something a bit more practical to help this dude out? “Hey guy! I know your life has been rough lately and you’re feeling pretty shit-on as of late, so I used my endless powers of creation to make you this potato crudely shaped like a heart. I know it’s not much, but it’s all I can do at the moment. Hope it makes you feel better.” I suppose it’s better than a plague of boils and locusts, but still you’d think he could manage something a bit more useful.

Alas, this poor fellow’s attempt to share his miracle with the world attracted the attention of a lot of skeptical comments, presumably from atheists, which prompted him to reply with the following:

All of you Atheist’s who left your ignorant negative comments here about the heart, go to Hell where you belong, and leave this gift to us who know God.
You missed the point here. Its a small gift, and you don’t see it, so get lost!

He’s right. If there was a point to it I did indeed miss it. He doesn’t bother to explain the point either so I guess we’ll never know. However from where I’m standing, his little follow-up rant seems to me to be saying: “I want to believe this is a small miracle made just for me and I will not consider any other possibilities because they don’t make me special.”

Well, I suppose that’s one approach you could take. Not the one I would take, but if it helps you to sleep at night…