So how was your Black Friday?

We did the Black Friday get-up-way-too-fucking-early-and-still-not-get-the-really-good-deals thing last year so we didn’t feel the need to do it again this year. Which isn’t to say we didn’t get any Christmas shopping done today, we just cheated and did it all online. At this point I’d say we’re over two-thirds done with our shopping all in the course of not even a full afternoon of poking around on various websites. We’re sticking pretty close to our budget as well so we’re pretty happy.

Which isn’t to say we didn’t go out today at all. I donned my Santa suspenders and put on the new Santa hat Anne recently bought me and we hit the local coney island for some lunch. Across the aisle from us were a couple of old ladies who had to be in their 70’s at least and during the meal one of them got up and came over to our table. She bent low to my ear and said, “OK Santa, where’s the tree? I want to check and see if I’ve got a present!” The she winked at me and wandered back to her table with a grin. Later, once they’d finished, her partner came over and told Santa that she hoped I would be good to her on Christmas day and I said I’d see what I could do for her. From lunch we stopped off at Kroger’s for a junk food run so we could relax this evening drinking Egg Nog liqueur and pre-mixed White Russians and partaking of various snacks such as Triscuts and a port wine cheese ball. During my time in the store I had no less than three people say “nice hat” as they passed by. It always amazes me the sort of reaction wearing that hat gets me.

So we just finished watching the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol and I’m starting to feel the effects of those White Russians. I just wanted to take a moment and write a quick entry seeing what you folks have been up to. Out shopping? Get any great deals? Or just kicking back and enjoying the day after Thanksgiving?