William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” headed to the big screen, but there’s a catch.

I’m a huge William Gibson fan and my favorite novel of his is Neuromancer which he released in 1984. I’ve been dreaming of a movie adaptation for years though I admit my enthusiasm was diminished quite a bit after I saw what they did to another Gibson’ story—Johnny Menomic. Still I can’t help but be a little geeked at this bit of good news.

Now the bad news: Sources say the lead role of Case will be played by Hayden Christensen. Oh noes!

JoBlo.com sources have told us that Hayden Christensen will star in NEUROMANCER as Case, the former hacker at the center of the story. I’ll be honest and admit I’ve never read NEUROMANCER and my rudimentary attempts to try and understand the plot have only confused me. But it seems very much a precursor to the Matrix with the book even referring to “the matrix.” Joseph Kahn (TORQUE) is directing the film, which is essentially set up as an indie film with a big budget. It is not set up at a studio but still carries an impressive $70 million budget. It’s unclear when filming would begin but it could be later this year.

On the plus side it’s not Keanu Whoa! Reeves, but on the negative side it’s Hayden Friggin’ Can’t Act Worth A Shit Christensen. They’re working really hard to make me hate the film before it’s even filmed.