I have come up with a solution for fixing the economy.

It’s simple, elegant, and relatively cheap. Here’s my idea: The government should take a few million dollars from the $700 billion of Wall Street bail out money and give it to me. Then I will spend it and thereby help improve the economy.

I promise to spend it only on things I need rather than things I really, really want. Stuff like furniture. We’re a tad short on furniture since we moved into the townhouse and a nice sectional is a practical necessity so I can use the futon we’re currently sitting on as a guest bed. At the very least we could use an armchair or two. A coffee table would be nice as well as some end tables. I’ve got no place to put any lamps at the moment. For that matter I could use a few more lamps. We definitely need a dining room table and the chairs that go with it. A nightstand to sit my alarm clock on. Some whatnot shelves. We’ve got plenty of bookcases, but a couple more wouldn’t hurt. But not a Grandfather Clock. That’s something I’ve wanted for a long time, but don’t really need.

A new car comes to mind. I don’t actually need need it yet, but I probably will soon. Though I could argue that a more efficient car could be considered a need. I need some new clothes too. Especially socks. I’m picky about my socks and the brand I prefer are not carried in very many stores. Shoes. I need new shoes. New boots will soon be a necessity. I need some dental work done so that’s another area I could help stimulate. Stocks. I need some stocks so I’d even be helping out Wall Street in my own way. Food. Always needing food. Seems like we have to pick up more food every damned week.

You get the picture. There’s literally thousands of industries I could help to stimulate if I had a few extra million dollars to work with. Compared to what it’s going to cost to bail out Wall Street giving me a couple of million is dirt cheap. And I’d work extra hard at making sure I do my part to stimulate the economy by spending that money. I think it’s a great plan and I hope Congress will give it the serious consideration it deserves.