Pomplamoose performs “Always in the Season.”

Yes, I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately and that’s because there’s been a lot I’ve wanted to share. Like this one by the fine folks of Pomplamoose Music. I could have sworn I’ve written about them before as well as posted another music video they did, but I can’t seem to locate it. Perhaps it got lost in the move.

Anyway, it’s a secular Christmas carol called Always in the Season that I can’t get out of my head. The best part is you can get this song and another, as of yet unreleased, song by them for free in exchange for a little charity on your part. They’ll explain it after the song:

I love how energetic Jack Conte gets when the percussion kicks in. It’s hard not to get caught up in that kind of energy.

So the deal is you give someone in need a goat and they’ll give you a couple of MPfrees! Good music and a worthwhile cause. Just the sort of things this season should be all about. If you want to give a goat this holiday, or anytime really, you can do so over at World Vision Online.

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Your WoW music video for the day.

I think this is amusing more for the song than the video, but it still made me giggle. I am tired this morning though so that may be a factor…

Found over at That Geeky Chick.

“Dr.” Kent Hovind gets his own music video.

And it’s great! If you’re at work you may want to turn the sound down a bit as the chorus contains the word “fucktard” which means it fits right in here on SEB. So without further ado here is Tribute to Kent Hovind:

Good stuff. I wonder if we can talk them into doing up the The Ballad Of The Stupid Evil Bastard.

Found via Pharyngula.

The Ballad of Black Mesa.

What do you get when you combine a love for the FPS known as Half-Life 2 and an appreciation for techno music? You get the Ballad of Black Mesa:


Barenaked Ladies “Sound of Your Voice” video uses Internet celebrities.

The latest music video from the Barenaked Ladies shows just how up on Internet culture the band happens to be as it’s composed entirely of clips from various people who have become minor celebrities thanks to silly videos they posted to YouTube:

The Youtube celebrities whose voices/performances you know and love have come together to perform Barenaked Ladies’ “Sound of Your Voice” from the album “Barenaked Ladies Are Me”.


Sound of Your Voice Stars:
Where The Hell Is Matt?
Barats & Bereta
Geriatric 1927
Numa Numa
Album Cover Battle
The Winekone
Winston Spear
Evolution Of Dance


He’ll Fuck You Up!

I’m not sure how universal the concept of “Hell” really is but many Christians believe only the Christian God can make good on the threat of one. More so, that Hell only exists by His allowance. Brett Keane has a video on YouTube that illustrates just how basic the concept really is to many of the world’s religions and he surmises that if Christians want to threaten him with eternal damnation, “They’re in the same boat as I am…”.

Good point, Brett.

It might be nice to have a religion that doesn’t use fear of eternal suffering as a motivator, but it’s a powerfully effective method for gaining followers. I can understand why so many religions utilize it as a selling point.

Interesting that if you remove the apostrophe, the title of the song is “Hell Fuck You Up”. Coincidence? I think not.