A belated birthday to my momma.

I could’ve sworn I had written an entry on Monday wishing my mother a happy birthday, but all evidence points to the contrary so I must have dreamt about it or something. As a result, I am late in wishing her a very happy 81st birthday.


Happy Birthday, Mom! I wish I could think of something profound to say right about now, but I’m coming up with nothing other than I love you and here’s to another 81 years!

My mother turns 78 years old today.

Momma-1-31-13I need to take a moment to wish my mother a very Happy 78th Birthday. If there is one person in this world who deserves much of the blame credit for the wonderful person I turned out to be, it’s her.

She’s been an endless source of both inspiration and wisdom not only my myself and my siblings, but for friends and extended family. If you have a spare moment, drop by her blog and say hi.

Love you so very much, Mom. Happy Birthday.

Momma’s celebrating her 76th birthday!

Pic of my mother.The woman most directly responsible for my very existence turns 76 years-old today. It’s hard to think of what to say that doesn’t sound trite and cliched. For all the writing I do I find that words often fail me when I’m trying to express the gratitude and sense of good fortune to have had a mother like mine. This is especially true when reading about some other mothers that end up in the news for something very un-mother-like that they’ve done.

They say that you should immediately be skeptical of anyone claiming to be acting in your best interests unless it’s your mother. This is certainly true of mine. Over the years she sacrificed many of her own wants and needs to make sure that us kids had what we needed, if not always what we wanted. And often enough she managed to get us what we wanted as well. More importantly she managed to provide us with what we didn’t know we wanted at the time. Whether that be a sense of responsibility or the strength to do the right thing. The most important thing my mother gave me was the courage to be who I am and not what others think I should be.

She’s not perfect, no mother is, but she gave it her best effort which is more than many seem to do these days. If my daughter looks back on her time with me someday and thinks I was half as good a dad to her as my mother was to me, I’ll consider that quite the accomplishment. Especially now that I know kids don’t come with instructions manuals.  If you’re interested in knowing more about her you can visit her blog at Momma’s Corner or listen to the SEB Podcast she participated in.

So here’s a wish for a very Happy Birthday to my Mom and a hope that she has many more to come!

With all my love. Your son,


Gearing up for the third SEB Podcast.

Hey folks! Just a quick note to say that ***Dave and I are getting ready to do the third SEB Podcast this coming Monday. This time out we’ll be joined by a Very Special Guest: My mother.

So, as before, we’re looking for topic ideas that you’d like to hear us talk about. Additionally, if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask my mom then now’s the time. Hell, for that matter, if you have anything specific you ever wanted to ask ***Dave or myself then now’s a good time for that as well.

You’ve got a couple of days to leave a reply with your topics and questions so put on your thinking caps and come up with some good ones.

Momma is in the hospital.

My mother took a fall today and broke one of her legs. It looks to be a pretty bad break and she’ll probably be in the hospital for a few days as they sort out what to do about it. I don’t have a lot of details at the moment, but as soon as I do I’ll post an update.

This means my blogging will probably continue to be somewhat light as I’ll probably be involved in helping take care of her or my Dad at some point in the near future as she recovers. I’m making an effort to try to get back into blogging more often, but this will obviously occupy some of my time and attention. In the meantime I invite anyone who’s registered an account to submit entries which I’ll attempt to get posted ASAP.

Happy 75th Birthday to my Mother.

Technically Momma turns 75 tomorrow, but we’re celebrating a day early because it’s the one day everyone has off and can gather at her place. I can never put into words just how lucky I was to have her for a mother. Especially compared to some of my friend’s mothers or just some of the ones you read about in the newspaper. She taught me well over the years and has always been there to lend an ear when I was troubled, and often times more than that when a car needed fixin’ or an unexpected emergency put us in a bind. She often went without so that us kids had what we needed. She is the reason I do not have a troubled past checkered with various criminal offenses.

So a very happy birthday to my mother, without whom I wouldn’t be here today (quite literally). I hope she has many more yet to come. If you’d like to give her some well wishes you can do so here or on her blog.

Momma’s new toy arrives. Some assembly required.

The first PC I built for my parents is probably close to 10 years old at this point and yet my mother still uses it. That’s because the newer PC I built for my parents more recently is usually occupied by my dad and rather than wait for him to get off it she just uses the older one. It’s been showing signs of its age for awhile now and between a CD-ROM drive that doesn’t want to open anymore and the fact that it now literally growls at her every time she turns it on she’s decided that it’s time that I build her a new PC. So I sat down and priced one up and it came in at just this side of $400. Placed the order for the parts on Monday and got a big box full of stuff today:

Click to embiggen!

This box has everything except for the actual case itself, as that had to ship from California, so while I can dig through it and ooh and ahh I can’t actually start building it yet. Well I could, but it’d be pretty pointless without the case which has the 500W power supply. I expect that to arrive tomorrow and then I’ll build the PC over the weekend. Delivery will probably take place the weekend after this one. I’m pretty excited as this should be a pretty nifty PC when I’m done as I’m using a micoATX motherboard and case which means it’s smaller than a breadbox and will sit on top of her desk. Plus it has cool side windows so she can peek in and see what she spent all that money on.

Momma’s having a Birthday!

Today she turns a youthful 74-years-old. Go drop by her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Momma!

It’s my mother’s birthday today. She’s 73 years old and still going strong. Stop by her blog and wish her a Happy B’Day.

I hope I’m doing half as well as she is when I get to that age.