Well that didn’t take long. First CoD:MW2 wallhack/aimbot already out.

11/13 Update: Thanks to the folks over at the MacNN Forums the video is working once again.

11/12 Update: It appears that this video has been hit with a take-down claim from Activision or Infinity Ward. They claim it’s a copyright violation, though I’m not sure how that can be the case. I asked IW spokesman @fourzerotwo for IW’s official stance on the hack yesterday on Twitter and never received a reply. I guess they’d rather just hide the video than talk about it.

The game is out just a few hours and the first aimbot/wallhack has already shown up for the PC version:

I figured someone would release a cheat along these lines eventually, but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. As the game currently stands there is no way kick these cheaters off your games. Can’t do it as an administrator or host and can’t do it with a vote. If a hacker joins your game you’ll just have to suck it up, or go find something else to play.

Considering that one of Infinity Ward’s big justifications for not putting out a dedicated server was that their network would do a better job of policing against cheaters and hacks, this doesn’t bode well. IW is going to be looking at a lot of unhappy gamers if they can’t get rid of this hack pretty damn quickly. If they respond as slowly as they did to hacks and cheats in the first Modern Warfare they may find their place as a fan favorite deteriorating quickly. Especially if they don’t add in some means of allowing the players to boot out cheaters.

It looks like the bloodbath may have already started. The IW Forums are swamped right now with page loads timing out due to too many database connection attempts.

Games I’m Looking Forward To: “Modern Warfare 2”

It goes without saying, if you’ve spent any time around here at all, that I’m a big fan of the Call of Duty line of first person shooters. I was pleasantly surprised by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as I was worried about the move away from WWII. Given how good the final result was I’m looking forward to the sequel. Especially after seeing some of the multiplayer action:

Looks like we get a new heartbeat monitor add-on and the ability to make use of the big gun in the AC130 to rain down some serious hurt on the enemy! The latter sequence from the first game being one of the cooler sequences. The simulated infrared screen really made it seem close to what you’d see in real life. Once again, however, it’s another title that will be hitting store shelves in the middle of my Krismas hiatus from buying stuff for myself. Aigh! Will have to drop some major hints to potential gift buyers.

Which reminds me, I still need to finish up the review of Call of Duty: World at War I started some time ago. Oops!

Games I’m looking forward to: “Modern Warfare 2”

Anyone who’s hung out at SEB for any amount of time knows what a big fan I am of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty franchise. The fourth iteration, subtitled Modern Warfare, had be a little worried by the move away from WWII, but it turned out to be an excellent game with highly enjoyable multiplayer that keeps me coming back. Now they’ve released the trailer for the sequel titled Modern Warfare 2. No word on if in the long run they will tack Call of Duty onto the front of that or not, but even without it the trailer looks fantastic:

Alas it comes out in November so I’ve got several months yet to spend with CoD4 and CoD:WaW.