My glamorous life as professional patient model.

I have a great doctor who is not only wicked smart, but manages to keep me in relatively good health considering how unhealthy I tend to be. Dr. CK is also very patient with me when I offer lame excuses for not doing what she told me to do to lose weight the last dozen times she saw me. She’s even cool enough to drop by SEB on occasion and leave a comment.

When my back sprain flared up over a month ago my wife made me an appointment to see my doctor so she could gently chide me for not doing the things she told me to do the last time I had a flare up. She was happy to hear that I had purchased an elliptical exercise machine and amused that it’s been used more as a coat rack as is required by Federal Law. After the exam she gave me a couple of prescriptions including one to start Physical Therapy, which I have done, and she left the room.

A few moments later she swept back into the room with a form in her hand and said, “You’re never gonna guess what I’m going to ask of you.” To which I agreed I wasn’t going to ever be able to guess. It seems the folks at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan put out a newsletter every so often and they wanted to do an article on Dr. CK and her commitment to patient communication. To go along with the article they wanted to get some pictures of her interacting — or “communicating” — with a patient and they just happened to have shown up and I was one of Dr. CK’s favorite patients (everyone loves me) so she wanted to know if I would consent to being a Patient Model. (Note: I don’t know if that’s an official title, but it’s what I made up just now so I’m using it.) Being the narcissist that I am I naturally said yes. The photographer came in and we spent maybe 10 or 15 minutes going through various poses such as doctor-pointing-out-worrying-result-on-her-tablet-computer and doctor-stereo-typically-listening-to-patient’s-heart-like-every-picture-of-a-doctor-ever and finishing with doctor-and-patient-both-smiling-at-the-camera-for-no-apparent-reason.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I get an email from her letting me know the article has been published online with a link to it included (warning: PDF file). Given the number of pictures they took I was curious to see how many and which ones they used. The article has two pics. One of her alone smiling at the camera and one of us together. The latter being the most unintentionally hilarious one possible in part because they went with the stereo-typical-doctor-listening-to-patient’s-heart pic, but also because… well… just look at it for yourself after the jump.

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