Michael Voris explains why America needs a Christian Dictator.

Who the hell is Michael Voris you ask? He’s the head of St. Michael’s Media which is based in Ferndale, Michigan which makes him a local nutcase for me. He’s a devout Catholic who got all riled up about The Da Vinci Code so he set about establishing a production studio to broadcast The Truth to the world (or at least to the greater Metro Detroit area) in 2006. Apparently he’s also been posting their videos online so as to reach a wider audience.

I say all of this because when you watch the following video you’re first thought is that it has to be a parody produced by The Onion or someone trying to be like The Onion. It’s not a parody:

We Need a Christian Dictator

I have to admit that I’m surprised to hear this sort of talk coming from a Catholic as usually this sort of rhetoric comes from the Evangelicals. To say it’s a little troubling is an understatement, but I feel they haven’t fully thought their position all the way through.

If ever the day should come that America limits voting only to the virtuous, well, that pretty much rules out Catholics entirely. What with their propensity for tolerating and covering up child molesters in their ranks and their general inclination to put the image of the church over all other concerns there’s not a whole lot that’s virtuous about them.

This is a bit of old news it seems as this came out back in August of last year. It was posted on Pharyngula at the time, but I somehow missed it. Despite its age I thought it worth sharing as an example of what some Catholics dream of.