A quick photo meme.

Take a picture o’ yourself right now. Don’t change yer clothes, don’t fix yer hair … Just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editin’. Post these instructions with yer picture.

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Though I must confess that I did a minor edit to reduce the size of the big version down to a manageable 1024×768, but otherwise it’s completely untouched. Meme seen originally at ***Dave’s blog where his pic is much more attractive.

Time for a Meme: I am still a kid.

Elfninosmom over at Adventures In Frickintardistan tagged me with the following meme:

List 5 things you still do, that you did when you were a baby/little kid.

Hmmm. That’s a tough one in part because I don’t remember a whole lot of my days as a baby or little kid. You’d probably be better off asking my mother about that, but here’s the best I could come up with:

  1. I still like to fly kites. I don’t do it as often as I’d like and the last kite I tried to fly, a wicked cool pirate ship, never got off the ground, but every now and then I’ll haul out a kite and try to give myself a heart attack running around with it. It’s one of the few forms of exercise I get these days.
  2. I still collect toys. Again not as much as I did when I was a kid, but I still have a few around including some figures from Doctor Who such as the Tenth Doctor (gift from Hairboy), sonic screwdriver flashlight and ink pens, and a remote controlled Dalek.
  3. I still hate spinach. ‘Nuf said.
  4. I still like to write short stories. The creativity doesn’t flow as often as it used to, but these days the comprehensibility of the stories is greatly improved. There’s at least two short stories buried in the archives. I’m kicking around some ideas for a new one.
  5. I still sing along with the radio in the car. Loudly and with enthusiasm. Though I tend to tone it down when the wife and kid are in the car so as to spare them my lack of singing ability. It’s one of the simple things in life that makes me happy. As a kid I’d sing along with the radio all the time which occasionally got on my poor Dad’s nerves.

That’s the best I can come up with at the moment. I’m supposed to tag five other people, but I’m much like ***Dave in that I’ll leave it up to you guys if you want to participate. Chime in on your own blog or leave your list here in the comments if you’re so inclined.

Fight the Stupid: Link to five science posts a week.

DOF asked me if I’d help to propogate this meme:

At the recent Republican debate, three out of ten Republican candidates stated that they did not believe in evolution. This reflects a larger ignorance of science. I have a very simple idea to combat the Stoopid for bloggers who don’t think of themselves as ‘science’ bloggers:

Once per week, link to five ‘science’ posts that you found interesting.

I already try to link to science posts often, but on reflection I realize that I don’t manage to do it as often as I sometimes think I do. I was stunned to hear that three of the Republican candidates for President don’t believe in Evolution though I don’t know why I should be surprised when nearly half of Americans also reject it in poll after poll.

As someone who has bemoaned the poor grasp of science by most Americans on more than one occasion I could be doing more to help promote it and so I will. Some of these posts may be little more than link dumps as I often have little to add to the articles in question, but I’ll be picking up the pace a bit just the same.