“Dead Fantasy” is the ultimate in video game fan service.

Some of the greatest Geek Philosophy questions center around such crucial issues as whether the Millennium Falcon would win in a fight against the Starship Enterprise or if Spiderman has any chance of kicking Superman’s ass. Geeks have debated such weighty issues for years, yours truly being among them, and for most of those years we’ve had to be content with letting the scenarios play out in our imaginations. Wouldn’t it be cool, we’d often marvel, if we could actually set up a situation where such a scenario could play out? Yeah, dude, that’d be awesome!

Well at least one fellow has taken that challenge on himself. His great Geek Philosophy question is one that I’m sure many a video gamer has wondered about: Who would win in a fight between the women of the Final Fantasy series and the women of the Dead or Alive series. That fellow goes by the moniker of Monty Oum and he calls his work in progress Dead Fantasy I-V. He’s already finished the first two films in the series and I somehow missed seeing the first one when it was released last October and part two was released today. Together they add up to almost 15 minutes of anime-style butt kicking meaning there’s nothing at all realistic about the action taking place. It’s totally ridiculous, but works within the confines of the world of video games and is arguably one of the better fan tributes I’ve seen so far:

And part two:

As silly as these are I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I found myself giggling like an idiot while watching them. I’ve played many of the games in both series so I’m familiar with the characters and I have to say that it’s a fine Geek Philosophy question to ponder. There’s still three more episodes before we’ll find out who the final victors are and, if the pace of development stays the same, they’re some distance off in the future. That’s OK, though. Gives us geeks time to sit around and ponder the question deeply like some sort of basement dwelling monks.

Enter the world of “MMOvie!”

This small WoW machinima had me rolling on the floor. Take some of the most memorable movie quotes and combine them with World of Warcraft and blend on high:


Machinima: Portal - A Day in the Life of a Turret.

You don’t need to have played the game Portal to find this amusing, but it helps.  The automated turrets in the game actually talk to you when you approach or attack them, but what do they do when there’s no one else around? This little movie lets you find out…

Oh, and there’s some strong language and some sexual innuendo so mind where you watch it at.

“Fury” will be an action packed WoW machinima.

Most of the World of Warcraft machinimas done so far have been comedies, but the folks at Seksi Productions think you could do a decent action movie with it as well. Judging from the trailer they’ve released I’m inclined to believe them:

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. Found via WoW Insider.

WoW Machinima: “I’m So Sick”.

I’ve seen a lot of machinimas in my time, but never one as well done as this one. The creator, BaronSoosdon, has combined some amazing visuals captured from World of Warcraft with a song from the Resident Evil: Extinction soundtrack that reminds me of musics videos you might see on MTV if MTV still actually played music videos. It’s a wide screen video so some of you may find it pushing past the right hand side of the screen and I believe it requires a DivX plugin to play properly, but it’s worth it for the higher resolution.

Check out some of his other videos as well.

War of the Servers - This Time You Can’t Ban Them!

I just spent the last hour and a half watching an incredible machinima called War of the Servers. It’s made using Half-Life 2 and Gary’s Mod (G-mod) which allows players to build their own environments using the maps and objects in HL2. It’s been used for quite a few machinimas already, but this is the first full-length movie I’ve seen done in it. It’s about a war that breaks out among the peaceful G-mod players when they are invaded by the grief loving Mingebags. Here’s the official blurb for the film:

In 2007, The Gmod servers go to war, from PHWOnline And RS Films comes “War of the Servers”, Directed by Robert Stoneman and starring voices from Chris Duggan (PHWRadio DJ), Robert Stoneman (PHWRadio DJ and Slapdash 1 and 2), Richard Biosvert (Slapdash 1 and 2), David Zimmerman (PHW Comic Maker), Nick Bertke, Jordan Brindle and Ben Stoneman. Based on the musical “Jeff Wayne’s musical of War of the Worlds” This action/parody adventure follows one players story to get to his friends before the servers crash.

Robert Stoneman is Steinmann, a player who enjoys G-mod server life, building, creating, and having fun with other player’s. Being a part of the PHW community, he has met alot of friends online playing in Gmod servers from role play to LUA gamed servers. But on one late day on MJ’s serious builders only server, the server begins to lag, he finds out it’s not just the server he is in… Its everywhere… and the lag spikes are coming from the new players; GMod 9.0.4 Servers… Moments later during the game, Steinmann and the other players notice a mess of contraptions in the middle of the map, when strangely fog appears. Players gather around this mess and what is seen and what arises from that mess…will change the servers forever. Before anyone can react, it removes everything in sight.

It’s a ridiculous concept that’s amazingly well executed and enjoyable and I can’t believe I sat through the whole thing. It helps if you’re familiar with the game and even more so if you’re familiar with G-mod, but I suspect it can be enjoyed even with no real knowledge of the games so long as you can just kick back and let it wash over you. The soundtrack helps a lot as they’ve chosen some excellent music to accompany the on-screen action including at least one or two selections from the revival of Doctor Who. Go check it out.

Time to check in with the Azerothian Super Villians.

This was much funnier than it probably should’ve been.

Cool WoW machinima:  Unlimited Escapism vol. 3.

Haven’t had much to write about the past couple of days, but I’m working on a review of The God Part of the Brain as I’ve finished reading the book. In the meantime, here’s a pretty cool bit of machinima made using WoW and a couple of other games including Half-Life 2 that doesn’t tell a particular story, but was pretty cool and had good music:


All good things must end: “Red vs. Blue” will cease with 100th episode.

Well shit. This is a bit of a bummer:

Producing RvB and getting to know the people who watch it have been two of the greatest joys of my life. That’s why we wanted to let you all know first that Episode 100 is going to be the last installment of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. One hundred is a great number, and it seems like the perfect place to call it a show. I am sure you have some questions about our plans for the series and beyond. We will be talking about all of that in the weeks and months to come, but I want to use this time to thank all of you for nearly half a decade of support. For now, it’s back to work. From the recent developments in the storyline, you may have noticed some loose ends coming together and we have a lot to wrap up in the last seven videos. We hope you will love them as much as the first seven or the middle seven or whatever it was that initially drew you to the world of Red vs Blue.

I’ve long enjoyed the antics of the Red vs Blue machinimas and I’ll be sorry to see the series come to an end, but hopefully it means the guys at Rooster Teeth Productions will be moving forward and working on bigger and better projects.

Coming Soon: Murkilla The Movie

This was too amusing not to share…