SEB Mailbag: Another “Kent Hovind is in jail because he speaks the truth” email.

I swear the Kent Hovind fans out there are as nutty as he is. This was clear from the very beginning of the email which consisted entirely of a cut and paste screed against Hovind’s imprisonment for not paying his taxes:

From: Kevin
Subject: Religion, or Tax Fraud?  Dr. Kent Hovind sentenced to ten years in jail

Religion, or Tax Fraud?
January 31, 2007 02:36 PM EST

Everyone knows Lady Justice is blind but now we know she is bigoted as well! Case in point: Dr. Kent Hovind was recently sentenced to ten years in jail. Kent argued that his ministry was tax exempt and cited the IRS code to support his case! He wrote the IRS many times asking them why he was wrong if, in fact, he was wrong. They never responded! Arrogance? Incompetence? Whatever the reason, an American citizen could not get a reply from the very people who should have been able, even eager, to help.

Kent’s enemies are painting him as a greedy tax resister when he has said repeatedly that he will pay all the taxes he owes. He could not get any response from the IRS nor did the judge, prosecutor, or anyone else inform him why his ministry was not exempt from taxes as are hundreds of thousands of similar organizations. Therefore, he spends ten years in the Big House. That’s where they send killers, traitors, rapists, child molesters, armed robbers, and other Very Bad Guys.

So we start right off with some misinformation and lies and then it degenerates from there into whining about Ted Kennedy not being punished for the accident in which he killed the woman he was dating at the time, how U.S. Congressman Barney Frank is a pervert who has admitted that his Washington apartment has been used as a callboy headquarters, and so on and so forth with other senators that have been accused of doing naughty things all while poor little misunderstood Kent Hovind rots in a jail cell. The upshot of it all is that there are just tons of people way more horrible than Kent Hovind out there that are walking free while poor Kent is stuck behind bars not because he didn’t pay his taxes, but because of *GASP!* his BELIEFS!

There are recent cases where rapists and killers walk away with probation and Kent Hovind sits in prison for ten years! Folks, there’s gotta be more to it than meets the eye. Your Federal Government wanted to “get” an outspoken Christian and they did. All right, so Kent made a mistake in judgment, and even if he is guilty, don’t sane people think his sentence is excessive? After all, didn’t Kent tell them he would pay any taxes they showed him he owed? Is it possible that they got him, not for taxes, but for religion? The Feds didn’t like his outspoken brand of Christianity.

Yes, Lady Justice is blind, dumb, stupid, and bigoted as is obvious in the case of Dr. Kent Hovind who sits in prison as I write this piece. And if it could happen to him, it could and might happen to you or me. Maybe Bible believing Christians should do as Chinese Christians and keep a small bag packed with personal things waiting for that ominous knock on the door: “We’re from the Federal Government and we’re here to get you.”

That’s right! It’s the ever popular Christians-are-being-persecuted-in-America-for-their-beliefs email! And, as I said, it was entirely a cut and paste job including the copyright attributing it to one Dr. Don Boys. So I sent back a reply that consisted of: “What’s your point, Kevin?” Which netted me the following reply:

Just like the article says he is being targeted for his beliefs

To which I responded this morning with:

    I’m impressed. You’re able to articulate an idea without relying on cut and paste. But no, he’s not being targeted because of his beliefs. The IRS doesn’t give a shit what he believes so long as he pays his taxes which he refused to do until it was clear that he was going to have his ass thrown into jail over it. Then, suddenly, he was more than willing to pay his taxes, but by then it was too late.

    I’m glad he’s in jail because he’s either a liar or so ignorant as to be a danger to society, but his incarceration has nothing to do with his beliefs. Well, other than his belief that he is above U.S. tax laws.

    The laughable thing about that article you sent me is that it tries to play the situation off as Christians being persecuted by the U.S. Government for their beliefs. Sorry, but in a country that claims to be 75% Christian (that would be a majority as I’m sure your math skills are probably lacking) you can’t claim to be persecuted for your Christian beliefs without having those of us who know better laugh our asses off. But thanks for the early morning laugh and a new blog post about how Hovind’s supporters are idiots.


My email has been unusually lively these days it seems.

SEB Mailbag: The Kent Hovind Tax Law Challenge.

I received the following email just as, and this seems to be an increasing trend, I was about to shut down for the night:

From: Lindsey Walsh
Subject: Whatever you do, Mr Jenkins. Be smart. Do NOT watch this movie! It’s scary…

Movie – America: Freedom to Fascism
by Aaron Russo

Mr. Jenkins,
    I am pleased to meet your acquaintance. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Lindsey Walsh. I have a wife and two boys. I am a tax-paying, law-abiding American and a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I was browsing through all the Kent Hovind websites and read one of your comments about Mr. Kent Hovind. While I admire your freedom of speech and respect the fact that every man is free to express their opinions, I would simply like to most humbly provoke you to a friendly challange. I noticed you said “tax law” referring to the allegations against Mr. Hovind. I have, perhaps, a defense that may require more time than you have or would like to spend on this issue. However, I will just throw it out there for you to chew or spit out, and you will do what you want with it. My response is in the form of a question: What is the “tax law?” Moreover, what is the “tax law” which Mr. Hovind specifically and allegedly did not comply with? In addition, Is there a law stated in the constitution or amended to it which makes us liable to pay income tax? If so, would you be so kind as to notify me of its location? Thank you for allowing me to participate in this comment and I thank you in advance for your reply.

    Equally earthbound,
    Mr. Lindsey Walsh

P. S. I agree with your comments concerning the “bog brother” interaction. Although I cannot agree with all the words used, overall I thought you gave an intellegent response. Once again, thank you for your time in reading this email and I trust your response will be well thought out and thoroughly researched. Thank you.

I sent back the following reply:

    Mr. Walsh,

    I don’t have enough time to do this email justice at the moment, but I have posted it to my blog for others to assist with if they’re so inclined. I’ll need some time to look up the specific laws listed in the court complaint that Hovind violated, but in answer to your question on the Constitution allowing for income tax I’d point to the 16th Amendment ( which reads as follows: The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

    That seems pretty straightforward to me, but then I assume you’ve asked the question with that very amendment in mind and likely have some form of counter-argument prepared. Once I have more time I’ll address the other questions you posed.


    Les Jenkins

I’m no expert on tax law, but I do have a passing familiarity with most of the anti-tax arguments that various groups have been making over the years. I can recall in my youth a friend of the family who married a guy that was a member of one of these anti-tax groups that ended up doing some prison time for not paying his taxes. So I’ve seen firsthand just what happens when you try to buck the IRS.

Once I get a little more time I’ll sit down and see if I can’t collect together exactly what the charges against Hovind were just to see where Mr. Walsh is going to go with his argument. Will it be a novel approach or will it be one that’s already been smacked down repeatedly by the courts? Time will tell.

SEB Mailbag: Someone comes to “Dr.” Kent Hovind’s defense.

Got an email this morning from someone upset with one of the many entries I’ve written about “Dr.” Kent Hovind. I”m assuming, based on the content, that it was one of the entries about Hovind’s trial for tax evasion. Here’s the email with my reply:

From: kevin hitch
Subject: dr kent hovind

hovind did nothing wrong he stood up for his rights and the truth is there attacking him because he is a christian thats the bottom line but i see your a liberal so i know you love bog brother and want him to control your life so get in line and get your microchip

Wow, Kevin, as a defense of Hovind that was pretty bad, but at least it was mercifully short. Hovind broke the law, tax law to be particular, and he’s paying the price for not taking the opportunities to correct his misdeed when he was offered (the IRS would much rather you pay then go to jail, but Hovind insisted on not paying until it was clear he was going to jail). His “truth” is wrong on both evolution AND tax law and unfortunately for him one of those two things ended up putting his ass in jail.

It’s good to see you’re just full of prejudices as well. Yes, I’m a liberal but that doesn’t mean I love “bog brother” as you put it. If you took the time to read more of my site you’d see that I spend a good deal of time arguing against big brother government, but you’re so smart you don’t need pesky things like facts before you make up your mind, right?

Thanks for the early morning laugh at your expense.


“Dr.” Kent Hovind gets his own music video.

And it’s great! If you’re at work you may want to turn the sound down a bit as the chorus contains the word “fucktard” which means it fits right in here on SEB. So without further ado here is Tribute to Kent Hovind:

Good stuff. I wonder if we can talk them into doing up the The Ballad Of The Stupid Evil Bastard.

Found via Pharyngula.

“Dr.” Kent Hovind explains the dangers of Evolution.

I’ve written about “Dr.” Kent Hovind many times here at SEB to point out what a dishonest idiot he is, but sometimes there’s no better way to illustrate this than to provide you with a clear example. It seems he or one of his fans has been uploading quite a few of his seminars to Google Video and if you do a search for Kent Hovind you’ll find them easily. Below is one such example if you can stomach watching it. It’s an hour long smear campaign against the Theory of Evolution by “Dr.” Kent Hovind which you probably won’t need to watch all that much of to see what an idiot he is.

It opens with a young man with a military haircut sitting next to a small fluttering American flag talking about how some folks say that Evolution “is not a bad philosophy”—making for the first clue that these folks haven’t a friggin’ clue what they’re on about—followed immediately by the claim that it was “Hitler’s religion during the Third Reich.” It just goes downhill from there.

I think it’s important to see an example of the bullshit that people like “Dr.” Kent Hovind are trying to feed the True Believers™ so you have a better understanding of why our science education in this country is in such bad shape. If you’ve not seen it before then you’ll probably be stunned by it. It explains a lot of the idiocy that we sometimes get in the comments here at SEB.