Pomplamoose in Hyundai ads for the holidays.

One of my favorite independent musical duos are Jack and Natalie of Pomplamoose. I was aware that they had a large following on the Internet, but I didn’t think they were well known outside of that realm. So you can imagine my surprise the other day while I was watching TV when a Hyundai commercial comes on and has a couple of familiar faces in it:

Almost makes me wanna buy a Hyundai, which I’m sure is the point. It’s not hard to see why they chose Poplamoose if you’re at all familiar with their fun music videos on YouTube. What this commercials makes me want more than a Hyundai, however, is for Jack and Natalie to release a Christmas album with their takes on various holiday classics. Still, I’m glad to see them getting some attention and hope that this brings them a wider audience.

You can see the other Hyundai commercials they did below the fold.

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Hyundai goes above and beyond for a customer.

Imagine that you’ve just paid off your five year old car when this happens to it:

Todd Jamison doesn’t have to imagine it. His 2004 Hyundai Elantra was one of the two cars crushed by a 62-year-old woman by the name of Tripta Kaushal who was

later arrested

after being identified by one of the fitness center workers where the accident happened (said fitness center worker’s car was the other one crushed).

That had to be a pretty shitty day. The folks at Hyundai thought so too so they did something to cheer him up:

You have to admit that giving Todd a brand-spanking new car free of charge was a pretty nice thing for Hyundai to do and will probably make Todd a customer for life. If nothing else it probably went a long way to relieving him of the stress such an event can cause. Kudos to Hyundai for stepping up and helping out even when they had no obligation to do so.