How this for irony: PETA kills a majority of the pets they take in.

PETA has always bugged the shit out of me and now I have one more reason to be annoyed. For all the talk of protecting animals that they do it turns out that the vast majority of animals they take into custody end up being euthanized:

“The facility does not contain sufficient animal enclosures to routinely house the number of animals annually reported as taken into custody,” Kovich concluded in his report.

Kovich also determined that PETA employees kill 84 percent of the animals in their custody within 24 hours of receiving them.

“[PETA’s] primary purpose,” Kovich wrote, “is not to find permanent adoptive homes for animals.”

Surely this has to be some sort of mistake, right? Surely an organization so devoted to the well being of animals would never consider killing most of the ones they are taking in, right? Surely they have a good explanation:

PETA media liaison Jane Dollinger told The Daily Caller in an email that “most of the animals we take in are society’s rejects; aggressive, on death’s door, or somehow unadoptable.”

Dollinger did not dispute her organization’s sky-high euthanasia rate, but insisted PETA only kills dogs and cats because of “injury, illness, age, aggression, or because no good homes exist for them.”

Well that last reason seems a little odd, but perhaps it’s true that the vast majority of them are unadoptable for some reason or another.

PETA’s own history, however, shows that this has not always been the case.

In 2005, two PETA employees described as “adorable” and “perfect” some of the dogs and cats they killed in the back of a PETA-owned van. The two were arrested after police witnessed them tossing the animals’ dead bodies into a North Carolina dumpster.

PETA had no comment when the Daily Caller asked what sort of effort it routinely makes to find adoptive homes for animals in its care.

Or perhaps they’re just full of shit. One suspects that they devote the vast majority of the funds they raise on advertising and harassment initiatives as opposed to, say, proper facilities and outreach for the animals they take in. The Humane Society routinely euthanize animals as well, but they at least make an attempt to determine if an animal is adoptable and find them a home if they are prior to killing them if at all possible. Somehow it’s not at all surprising to me that PETA is as hypocritical as it is obnoxious.

Statue of Hindu God included in public art project and Christians freak the fuck out.

Ooooo! They are one hot and bothered bunch over in Idaho these days:

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — The leader of the Kootenai County Constitution Party says people should be outraged by a statue of a Hindu god that’s now on display on Sherman Avenue in Coeur d’Alene.

via Constitution Party Calls Hindu God “Demon,” Protests Art Display – News Story – KXLY Spokane.

Man, the reaction from the Christian Right assholes sure is different when the shoe is on the other foot, eh? How DARE the government spend taxpayer money displaying a religious icon on public property! This is no more appropriate than installing a Ten Commandments monument would be! Whatever happened to Separation of Church and State?

Except, that’s not why they’re upset about this statue. Here’s their reason taken right from their own website:

Christians of Kootenai County should be dismayed at the appearance of a Hindu demon, Ganesh, statue that is currently found on Sherman ave in Coeur d’Alene. The godless group of individuals that manage the “art” of the city have approved this abomination by Rick Davis to be displayed on Sherman Ave.

See, they think it’s demonic. For the record, Ganesha is “widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles, Vighneshvara, patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom.”

That sounds horribly demonic, doesn’t it? There’s not much info on the KCCP website as to why they think it’s demonic, the best I could find was a comment that equates being a “false God” with being demonic, but clearly this has got their panties into a bunch:

Though the protest is not a party function, it’s supported by many party members, who believe only Christianity provides a world view “consistent with the framing of our Republic,” said party Chairman Daniel Brannan.

“Many people in the party would tend to agree with opposing something like this,” said Brannan, who also opposes the sculpture. “It is representative of a false god, of a particular religion other than the one on which our country is so solidly founded.”

It’s the old “America was founded as a CHRISTIAN nation” canard. If it were Christian in nature they wouldn’t have a problem with it. Indeed, the collection includes at a couple of Christian themed works such as a statue of St. Francis of Assisi as well as a Native American Spirit Bear, which for some odd reason isn’t commanding as much ire as poor Ganesha.

Here’s the thing: The city’s ArtCurrents project was setup as a means of bringing art to the city’s downtown area for little cost to the city. Each artwork is on display for a year and then sold off with the city getting a commission from the sale. You can see all of the current artworks, including St. Francis and Ganesha, in this brochure (*PDF). All of the artwork was looked at as being just that: art.

“We’re not looking at it as a religious symbol, we’re just looking at it as a piece of art,” Steve Anthony said.

“There are pieces of art that represent different cultures,” said Mayor Sandi Bloem. “I think that’s totally appropriate.” Bloem invited anyone who has concerns about the sculptures’ subject matter to attend the next Arts Commission meeting.

You’d think the fact that two of the pieces are Christian in their theme would appease these assholes, but apparently not. Instead they opted to whine about, what else, the Ten Commandments:

Brannan said government officials nationwide have been hypocritical about the separation of church and state when it comes to artwork. He said when Christians want to place public artwork depicting, for example, the Ten Commandments, those monuments regularly are turned away, but symbols of other religions are accepted.

There’s a difference here that our friends on the Right aren’t acknowledging. The purpose of the majority of Ten Commandment installations is anything but artistic. And I’d love to hear what other religious symbols are accepted where the TC isn’t. I think they’d be hard pressed to come up with any examples.

It’s certainly not true in the current situation:

He wasn’t speaking of Coeur d’Alene’s Arts Commission, he said, because he knows of no Christian-themed artwork that has been turned away.

Exactly. Which means you really don’t have anything to bitch about. So shut the fuck up.

Hat tip to FreeThunk.

And here I always thought lying was supposed to be a sin.

Pic of Marc Mutty

What's a little dishonesty in the service of God? It's not like God never lied to anyone, right?

Silly me. I was dumb enough to think that Christians actually believed in that Ten Commandments thing they’re always promoting as the Ultimate Guide to Morality that deserves to be emblazoned in court rooms and classrooms everywhere. Much like the fabled “Pirates Code”, it appears they may actually be more guidelines than actual rules. At least when it’s politically expedient.

That’s the lesson I’m picking up on in this news article about a documentary called Question One about the vote to ban gay marriage in Maine back in 2009. It seems the folks making the documentary got permission from both groups that were campaigning for and against the proposal to allow their efforts in pushing their positions to be filmed so long as the film wasn’t released until after the election.  Probably a wise stipulation given the following revelation that was made by Yes on 1 campaign chairman Marc Mutty:

We use a lot of hyperbole and I think that’s always dangerous,” says Mutty during a Yes on 1 strategy session, at the time on leave from his job as public affairs director for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maine.

“You know, we say things like ‘Teachers will be forced to (teach same-sex marriage in schools)!’ ” he continues. “Well, that’s not a completely accurate statement and we all know it isn’t, you know?”

“No,” interjects a woman off-camera. “We don’t say that.”

“Let’s look back at our ads and see what we say,” Mutty persists. “And I think we use hyperbole to the point where, you know, it’s like ‘Geez!’”

In the interests of giving credit where its due, I should point out that Mutty was at least ethical enough to voice concerns over statements in their advertising that were flat-out lies. It’s just a shame his ethics didn’t compel him to actually do more than voice his concerns:

Mutty admitted that what they were doing was the equivalent of slamming people over the head with “a two-by-four with nails sticking out of it,” adding,  “it’s the only thing we’ve got — it’s the only way. That’s the way campaigns work.

In short, we had to lie because we couldn’t pass the legislation if we told the truth. But hey, such moral relativism is easy when you have an all-loving God who’ll forgive you so long as you sincerely repent. I’m sure the Big Guy will understand that this legislation to deny others equal rights was just too important to allow a little thing like honesty to get in the way.

Which isn’t to say that his lack of ethics won’t have some consequences:

Mutty now regrets allowing the filming, worrying that “what impact it will have on my professional life remains to be seen.”

You’ll note that Mutty doesn’t regret the lie. He regrets letting himself be filmed acknowledging the lie. Because it may have an impact — not on his mortal soul mind you — but with his professional life here and now.

But at least those nasty gays won’t be allowed to get all the benefits of being married. That’s something to be proud of, right?

Hat tip to the Box Turtle Bulletin.

Pastor busted for “ministering” to elderly woman with diminished capacity.

And by ministering, I mean he was fooling around with her naughty bits:

Pastor charged with sexual battery |

Seventy-four-year-old Paul Burke Johnson, the minister of Calvary Baptist Church in Dunn, is charged with four counts of misdemeanor sexual battery.

[…] According to Chief Edwards, Johnson had been visiting with residents of Liberty Commons for about 12 months. Johnson is accused of meeting and having repeated inappropriate sexual contact with a 64-year-old resident who suffers from diminished mental capacity. Edwards said the sexual conduct did not include intercourse, or any other act that would constitute a felony charge.

[…] Johnson told the investigating officer that the woman was flirtatious and often kissed and fondled him. He said he responded by fondling her breasts. Johnson said he knew the woman was “slow,” but said he did not know her mental capacity.

I’m not sure that’s what Jesus would do in that situation, but then I’m just a dirty sinful atheist so what do I know?

Youth pastor says he had sex with boys to cure them of their homosexuality.

It's not sex. It's thearpy. What? God told me to do it!

Apparently taking a cue from Homeopaths, where you treat a problem with something that’s similar to the problem, 31-year-old youth pastor Brent Girouex says that he wasn’t having sex with the teenage boys. He was simply praying — while having sexual contact — in order to help the young men overcome their homosexual urges:

In February, Girouex told Council Bluffs police detectives that he had sexual contact with four young men starting in 2007 in order to help them gain “sexual purity in the eyes of God.”

[…] Court documents indicated Girouex told investigators the most sexual contact he had was with one teen over a four-year period, starting when the boy was 14 years old. Calling the contact “mutual,” he said it had occurred between “25 and 50 times” during that period.

When investigators spoke to the teen, who’s now an adult, he told them the number was between 50 and 100.

[…] “When they would ejaculate, they would be getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind,” Girouex allegedly told detectives.

Next up, he’ll help a thief overcome his urge to steal by helping him rob banks and praying the whole time. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a serial killer looking for help with his sinful urges.

New Orleans Pastor who rails against “Decadence Fest” found masturbating in a park.

Seems 53-year-old Pastor Grant Storms can’t follow his own preachings. Known for ranting against behaviors and festivities he considers sinful, the horny Pastor was arrested and charged with obscenity after two women called the police on him for masturbating in a public park:

Storms has been a primary voice of opposition to “Decadence Fest,” an event that draws tens of thousands of gays and lesbians to the city for a weekend-long party in the Quarter.

Police say two women told park workers they saw Storms masturbating inside a van in the park near the carousel.

Sheriff spokesman Sgt. Larry Dyess told WWL First News that Storms origianlly told responding officers that he was tired from cutting grass and was urinating into a bottle inside of his van.

However, Dyess says that in further interviews with detectives, Storms admitted to masturbating inside the van.

There was no word if the good Pastor was using the children at the nearby carousel as… inspiration, but you’d think he’d have the good sense to wait till he got home and look up some porn on the Internet like most people do. It’s not that I begrudge him taking care of a common human drive, but there’s an appropriate time and place if you don’t want to be judged to be a pervy hypocrite.

At the very least, Pastor Storms now becomes one more example of how being religious doesn’t make you any more moral than anyone else.

Catholic Church committing bankruptcy fraud to protect assets from abuse victims.

The Catholic Church likes to promote itself as a beacon of morality in a fallen world. Shame the reality isn’t anything close to what they’d like you to believe:

‘Dan Rather Reports’ Exposes Coordinated Effort by the Catholic Church to Protect Assets From Abuse Victims

From the Vatican on down, the church has vowed to make peace with hundreds of victims of a decades-long epidemic of sex abuse by its priests. But “Dan Rather Reports” found evidence that the church has done just the opposite: Wealthy U.S. Dioceses from California to Delaware have claimed to be broke and have filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying damages; Bishops have exploited arcane corporate laws to shield church assets from liability; and, in San Diego, parish priests have been caught literally hiding money in safes, according to court records.

“If you or I did what the Diocese of San Diego did in that bankruptcy, we’d be charged with bankruptcy fraud, and we’d probably be in prison,” said attorney John Manly, who has represented dozens of priest abuse victims in lawsuits across the country.

“Dan Rather Reports” found evidence that some high in the church hierarchy have provided guidance.

“One of the comments that came from one of the bankruptcy attorneys is that, ‘These guys make Enron look like altar boys.’ Pardon the pun,” said Don McLean, who was abused as a 10-year-old altar boy, and sought damages from the San Diego diocese.

“Dan Rather Reports: Spiritually Bankrupt” premieres on HDNet, Tuesday, June 29 at 8:00 p.m. ET with an encore at 11:00 p.m. ET.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t understand how anyone can call themselves a Catholic without being filled with shame and self-loathing. If I were to ever meet the Pope I’d have no other choice, in good conscious, other than to slap the shit out of him as soon as he started to make some bullshit moral proclamation.

Probably best the likelihood of me ever meeting the Pope is even less than the chances that God actually exists.

Republicans act like a bunch of fucking crybabies.

For all the bitching Democrats did whenever President Bush and the Republicans forced something through Congress during the eight years he was in office, I don’t recall them ever resorting to intentionally grinding the government to a halt when they didn’t get their way:

There is a little-known rule in the Senate stating that hearings can’t happen after 2:00 p.m. each day without unanimous consent. However, every day, at the start of business, the Senate generally agrees, by unanimous consent, to waive this rule and continue with the necessary business of holding hearings. Here is the rule:

5. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of the rules, when the Senate is in session, no committee of the Senate or any subcommittee thereof may meet, without special leave, after the conclusion of the first two hours after the meeting of the Senate commenced and in no case after two o’clock postmeridian unless consent therefor has been obtained from the majority leader and the minority leader (or in the event of the absence of either of such leaders, from his designee). The prohibition contained in the preceding sentence shall not apply to the Committee on Appropriations or the Committee on the Budget. The majority leader or his designee shall announce to the Senate whenever consent has been given under this subparagraph and shall state the time and place of such meeting. The right to make such announcement of consent shall have the same priority as the filing of a cloture motion.

Republicans, however, are now refusing to give unanimous consent and are blocking the hearings. Today, during a Senate Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing on transparency, Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) announced that he had to stop the proceedings because of Republican blocks.

What the fuck; are you people six-years-old?

Wasn’t it a Republican Senator who once asked rhetorically:  “Is there something wrong with ‘majority rules’? I don’t think so.” Hint: It was Republican Senator Judd Gregg.

Now they’re out of power and have decided that they will not concede a single victory of any kind to Obama and when the majority gets it done anyway, they pitch a fucking fit. If you didn’t know any better it’d almost seem as though they’ve forgotten all the shit they pulled with Reconciliation and Recess Appointments during the Bush Administration. You know they haven’t forgotten because back in February Republican Senator Orrin Hatch specifically warned Obama that he shouldn’t make a recess appointment:

Republicans have slowed the confirmation process for dozens of President Obama’s nominees, raising the prospect that the president will install some through so-called recess appointments when the Senate adjourns for a holiday break at the end of the week. Republicans immediately called on Mr. Obama not to place Mr. Becker on the board in that fashion.

“I sincerely hope the White House does not circumvent the will of the Senate by appointing him when the Senate is out of session,” Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, said.

Why that would be unheard of, right? Except Bush did just that some seven fucking times during his time in office. It’s galling as hell that these hypocritical assholes are getting all upset when the very same processes they used during their time in power are being used again now. Grow the fuck up and stop acting like spoiled children you insufferable pricks.

And while I’m at it, it would be nice if the douchbags in the Tea Party Movement would try to overcome being the inbred redneck FOX-news-watching hicks they apparently are and stop vandalizing Democratic offices around the country and threatening people:

No one was inside when the brick was hurled through the Democratic Patry Headquarters on University Avenue. Attached was a note quoting conservative Barry Goldwater: “Exremism [sic] in defense of liberty is no vice”. […]

[Rep. Louise] Slaughter has been at the center of the push for reform. Last Thursday she received a chilling recorded message at her campaign office. “Assassinate is the word they used…toward the children of lawmakers who voted yes.”

It says something that the Republicans seem to be the ones threatening bloody violence every time a law they don’t like gets passed. When was the last time you heard a liberal politician talk about his state seceding from the union when he wasn’t happy with a law? You can find several Republican politicians making such statements easily.

I bitch about the Democrats being a bunch of pussies, but at least they’re not the raving assholes the Republicans apparently are when they don’t get their way. All that mighty talk about “majority rules” sure does fly out the window awfully fucking quick when they’re the minority party.

Another anti-gay Republican turns out to be a hypocrite.

I know, I know: Big surprise! Right?

The California Highway Patrol pulled over Senator Roy Ashburn at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday after an officer noticed a black Chevy Tahoe swerving at 13th and L Streets.

Ashburn, a father of four, is a Republican Senator representing parts of Kern, Tulare and San Bernardino Counties with a history of opposing gay rights

When the officer stopped the state-issued vehicle, the driver identified himself as Senator Ashburn. He was arrested without incident and charged with two misdemeanors: driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol level higher than .08% or higher.

A male passenger, who was not identified as a lawmaker, was also in the car but was not detained.

via Anti-Gay Lawmaker At Gay Club Before DUI Arrest –

It only lends more credence to the stereotype that those who are most vehemently anti-gay in their politics are also most likely to be deep in the closet.

The California state Senator has already released an apology:

“I am deeply sorry for my actions and offer no excuse for my poor judgment. I accept complete responsibility for my conduct and am prepared to accept the consequences for what I did. I am also truly sorry for the impact this incident will have on those who support and trust me – my family, my constituents, my friends, and my colleagues in the Senate.”

So now the question becomes: Will he slink away into shameful obscurity or will he change his mind in a day or two and try to claim he’s actually straight and was there offering Christian counseling to the lost souls in attendance? Perhaps he’ll try to blame it all on the booze. “I was so drunk,” he’ll say, “That I didn’t realize I was smoking cock! I thought it was a cigar!”

It all depends on how much self-loathing he has for himself whether he’ll take this opportunity to stop living a lie and embrace who he really is.

Atheist bus ads come to Detroit. Religious types freak the fuck out.

It looks like it’s Detroit’s turn for a round of atheist bus ads according to this article in The Oakland Press News:

The ads are to begin a month-long run Thursday on more than a dozen Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) buses. They show the words “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone” superimposed on an image of blue sky and clouds.

Ruthe Milan, a spokeswoman for the Detroit Area Coalition of Reason, says the ads will appear on SMART buses running from downtown Detroit to several Oakland County communities. They are being paid for with $5,250 from the United Coalition of Reason.

The message is the same as many that have been shown on buses around the country and, as you would expect, the Christians in the area are reacting with the calm tolerance preached by Jesus himself.

Ha ha! Just kidding! They’re pitching a fucking fit.

Here’s a small sample of their well-reasoned discourse:

James DiPaola wrote on Mar 4, 2010 6:42 AM:
“Lets send a message! DONT RIDE THE BUS! ”

Pat Sullivan wrote on Mar 4, 2010 7:07 AM:
“SMART bus? They are not very smart for accepting an ad like this one. I agree with James–DON’T RIDE THE BUS!! ”

daryl wrote on Mar 4, 2010 7:09 AM:
“All the atheists are doing is pushing their religion (and yes its another religous group) on Detroit. I am sick of these egotistical people that believe that the universe is just here. Well guess what i hope religious people of Detroit ban the busses. Than you crazy people can ride the busses together while talking about how you know everything there is to know about existence. ”

Sick of it wrote on Mar 4, 2010 7:17 AM:
“I don’t recall the last time I heard of a group of atheists helping the disadvantaged and poor like religious groups do everyday from all denominations. I think that speaks for itself and how they value human life, they don’t. I feel like they are the sociopaths of spirituality, they think they should feel something spiritual and when they don’t, they want to bring you down too. ”

kathy wrote on Mar 4, 2010 7:19 AM:
“instead of banning GOD in our schools and on our money, and every where else the atheist’s want as to ban him. why dont we just ban the atheist’s. Ill walk in ten feet of snow before i’ll ride one of those buses. SHAME ON YOU FOR PUTTING THAT CRAP ON YOUR BUSES. “

Fortunately, it looks like there are some rationalists amongst the population who are also chiming in. It’s already turned into quite the lengthy thread over there and The Oakland Press is probably enjoying the attention it so rarely gets otherwise.