Feel the Christian Love: Rick Wiles says Ebola “could solve America’s problems” with gays and atheists.

Rick Wiles, for those of you who have blissfully never heard of him, is an end-times preacher who is always on the lookout for signs that the apocalypse is about to start. He is so full of Christian love for his fellow humans that he recently expressed on his “Trunews” program that if Ebola were to break out and become a pandemic in the United States, why, that might be the best thing ever to happen.

No, really:

“Now this Ebola epidemic can become a global pandemic and that’s another name for plague. It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming,” he said. “Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”

“If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you, you better make sure you have been marked by the angels so that you are protected by God. If not, you may be a candidate to meet the Grim Reaper.”

via Rick Wiles: ‘Ebola Could Solve America’s Problems With Atheism And Homosexuality’ | Right Wing Watch.

jesussavesApparently being a believer in Jesus Christ is all you need to protect yourself from Ebola. Nevermind the fact that the two Americans — Dr. Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol — who were trying to help deal with the outbreak in Liberia only to end up contracting the disease are, themselves, Christians. Perhaps they just didn’t believe in Jesus hard enough. 

Wiles is so scared of atheists and gays and people who fuck more than one person and people who film themselves fucking more than one person and people who, for whatever reason, decide not to go through with a pregnancy that he gleefully imagines them being wiped out by one of the more horrible viruses you can die from while his flock of True Believers™ are protected by the magic sky fairy.

This shouldn’t be surprising considering that he’s also pushing a conspiracy theory that President Obama might use this an excuse to give people an ineffective vaccine and then force them into FEMA CAMPS!

Wiles was speaking with evangelist Augusto Perez about how the spread of Ebola in West Africa has implications for the End Times. The two speculated that the American government may exploit the outbreak in order to grow the size of government and require people receive a vaccine.

“Obama would claim executive powers to mandate that every human being in the United States be vaccinated,” Wiles said. “They could use the panic to stampede hundreds of millions of people in this country to be vaccinated, in fact billions worldwide, they could stampede the world to receive to a vaccine against a deadly virus and nobody knows what is in the vaccine.”

– See more at: Rick Wiles Links Obama To Ebola Outbreak

Alas, Ebola isn’t the plague Rick Wiles hopes it will be. While the virus is definitely dangerous and often fatal, it’s not easily transmitted from person to person. It requires direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected person which is why healthcare providers have to wear those fully enclosed hazmat suits you see on TV.

Yes, it’s killing a lot of people in West Africa, but that has more to do with how poor the healthcare system there is combined with superstitions of the people who live there and the rituals they have for handling dead bodies. Much like Rick Wiles, a lot of people there are buying into conspiracy theories that Ebola isn’t real and that their loved ones are being kidnapped for various reasons including cannibalism. So they’re hiding sick individuals and, in some cases, breaking them out of hospitals putting themselves and everyone they come into contact with at risk:

In recent days crowds gathered outside clinics and hospitals to protest against what they see as a conspiracy, in some cases clashing with police as they threatened to burn down the buildings and remove the patients.

Amadu Sisi, a senior doctor at King Harman hospital in the capital Freetown, from which the patient was taken, said on Saturday that police found her in the house of a healer.

Her family refused to hand her over and a struggle ensued with police, who finally retrieved her and sent her to hospital, he said.

“She died in the ambulance on the way to another hospital,” Sisi said.

not_driving_behind_youThis is what ignorance and fear does to people. Rick Wiles is guilty of his own brand of ignorance and fear and he’s foisting it onto his audience. He’s really no different than the “backward” people in West Africa who do stupid things like the above. Instead of cannibalistic doctors it’s the U.S. Government using “chemtrails” to weaken us and a dangerous vaccine to intentionally infect us with a horrible disease so they can round us all up in FEMA camps. He doesn’t say what happens to us then. The FEMA folks probably eat us. It wouldn’t any stupider than anything else he’s said.

This is the sort of brain damage buying into Gods and demons causes to otherwise rational human beings. If you’ll accept the outlandish things the Bible says happened as being true then there’s nothing anyone could tell you that would be so egregious that you’d have any reason to doubt the validity of it. Believing Obama is out to intentionally infect people with Ebola is easy when you buy into the idea of a talking snake causing the downfall of mankind.

If it’s too much to ask these idiots to throw off the shackles of these ridiculous beliefs can we at least ask that they try not to be too happy about the horrors they expect the rest of us to suffer at the hands of their “loving” God?

Sometimes a little role reversal can be enlightening.

Comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding has put together a little video titled “If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say…” that does an excellent job of putting the shoe on the other foot.

The sad part is, I’ve heard actual people say these actual things to actual gay people. I’ve also had some of them said to me online when I’ve called people out for using bigoted language in voice chat. In particular the line about “I don’t mean gay as in homophobic, but as in stupid” line.

Feel the Christian love: 4-year-old sings “Ain’t no homo gonna make it to Heaven.”

Jesus preached faith, tolerance, and love. I wonder what he would make of this performance by a 4-year-old boy at the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Greensburg, Indiana?

For those of you having trouble making out the words here’s a transcript:

I know the Bible’s right,

Somebody’s wrong…

Ain’t no homo’s gonna make it to heaven

I’m not that disturbed that a 4-year-old is singing this song. It’s clear by his reaction to the cheering adults around him that he really doesn’t understand what it is he’s singing about.  He only knows that it makes all the adults in the room think he’s wonderful. It’s the adults with their enthusiastic standing ovation that disturbs me. It’s the adults who should be ashamed of themselves. The kid is a victim.

Not that any of them see it that way. The video has gone viral and the church finds itself being bombarded with negative criticism so much so that they updated their website yesterday with this statement:

5/30/12 – The Pastor and members of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle do not condone, teach, or practice hate of any person for any reason. We believe and hope that every person can find true Bible salvation and the mercy and grace of God in their lives. We are a strong advocate of the family unit according to the teachings and precepts found in the Holy Bible. We believe the Holy Bible is the Divinely-inspired Word of God and we will continue to uphold and preach that which is found in scripture.

Technically speaking I suppose there’s nothing inherently hateful about the lyric “ain’t no homos going to make it to Heaven.” Depending on how you interpret the Bible it could be considered a simple statement of fact. The absolute glee and joy of the people in the congregation to the claim, however, is borderline sociopathic.

Consider the implications of this song: If the homos aren’t going to Heaven then their obvious destination, according to their professed beliefs, is Hell — a place of endless suffering beyond imagining — and they’re just delighted by that idea! Isn’t it wonderful that we’ve gotten this cute little boy to sing about how those nasty gays are gonna burn, burn, burn!

You’d think a good Christian would be saddened that anyone would end up in Hell, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here. And it’s not enough that they have to be bigots themselves, but they have to make sure their kids are bigots from as early an age as possible too. And people wonder why Richard Dawkins says indoctrinating your kids into religion before they’re even able to understand it is a form of child abuse. He’s darling! How could that be considered abuse?

It’s shit like this that sometimes makes me wish Jesus were real and would show up right there on that stage just about the time the kid stops singing just so I could see the looks on the faces of the people who were so happy about that cute little ditty. Based on what I know of his teachings in the Bible I somehow doubt he’d be particularly amused by their antics.

With love like that who needs haters?

Youth pastor says he had sex with boys to cure them of their homosexuality.

It's not sex. It's thearpy. What? God told me to do it!

Apparently taking a cue from Homeopaths, where you treat a problem with something that’s similar to the problem, 31-year-old youth pastor Brent Girouex says that he wasn’t having sex with the teenage boys. He was simply praying — while having sexual contact — in order to help the young men overcome their homosexual urges:

In February, Girouex told Council Bluffs police detectives that he had sexual contact with four young men starting in 2007 in order to help them gain “sexual purity in the eyes of God.”

[…] Court documents indicated Girouex told investigators the most sexual contact he had was with one teen over a four-year period, starting when the boy was 14 years old. Calling the contact “mutual,” he said it had occurred between “25 and 50 times” during that period.

When investigators spoke to the teen, who’s now an adult, he told them the number was between 50 and 100.

[…] “When they would ejaculate, they would be getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind,” Girouex allegedly told detectives.

Next up, he’ll help a thief overcome his urge to steal by helping him rob banks and praying the whole time. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a serial killer looking for help with his sinful urges.

Utah Senator Chris Buttars is an asshat.

It seems the bigoted Senator thinks that gays are a bigger threat than terrorists:

Sen. Chris Buttars: “Homosexuality will always be a sexual perversion. And you say that around here now and everybody goes nuts. But I don’t care.”

[…] “They’re mean. They want to talk about being nice. They’re the meanest buggers I have ever seen.”

And just seconds later, Buttars draws a comparison between some gays and radical Muslims.

“It’s just like the Muslims. Muslims are good people and their religion is anti-war. But it’s been taken over by the radical side.”

[…] He also talks about gay marriage being the beginning of the end.

Buttars: “What is the morals of a gay person? You can’t answer that because anything goes.”

And finally, this is how senator Buttars refers to the “radical gay movement.”

“They’re probably the greatest threat to America going down I know of.”

This was all from a documentary being filmed on the passing of Proposition 8 in California. I suppose the Senator deserves some credit for being honest enough to not try and hide his bigotry, but he’s still an asshat.

John McCain tries very hard not to answer question on gays adopting kids.

If nothing else it’s amusing to watch John McCain try to give a non-answer to a question he knows will get him in trouble with Democrats AND Republicans no matter how he answers it. In the case of gays being allowed to adopt children his answer implies that he’s against it because that’s what his party’s base expects, but he never actually says he’s against it so when people claim he said he’s against it he can truthfully say that he never said that.

Still it’s plain to see that John McCain is running for President with the intent of only catering to the interests of heterosexuals. At least it’s clear from this interview with George Stephanopoulos:

STEPHANOPOULOS: What is your position on gay adoption? You told the “New York Times” you were against it, even in cases where the children couldn’t find another home. But then your staff backtracked a bit.

What is your position?

MCCAIN: My position is, it’s not the reason why I’m running for president of the United States. And I think that two parent families are best for America.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, what do you mean by that, it’s not the reason you’re running for president of the United States?

MCCAIN: Because I think—well, I think that it’s—it is important for us to emphasize family values. But I think it’s very important that we understand that we have other challenges, too.

SEB Translation: “I really, really, REALLY, don’t want to talk about this issue! Surely there’s hundreds of thousands of other topics much more important than letting the fags adopt children we could be talking about? Don’t you want to hear about my economic recovery plan?? Please, for the love of all that’s good in the world, don’t make me talk about this issue!”

I’m running for president of the United States, because I want to help with family values. And I think that family values are important, when we have two parent—families that are of parents that are the traditional family.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But there are several hundred thousand children in the country who don’t have a home. And if a gay couple wants to adopt them, what’s wrong with that?

MCCAIN: I am for the values that two parent families, the traditional family represents.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So, you’re against gay adoption.

MCCAIN: I am for the values and principles that two parent families represent. And I also do point out that many of these decisions are made by the states, as we all know.

And I will do everything I can to encourage adoption, to encourage all of the things that keeps families together, including educational opportunities, including a better economy, job creation.

SEB Translation: “Let’s talk about education! Or the economy! Or job creation! OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS TOPIC! PLEASE!!!”

And I’m running for president, because I want to help families in America. And one of my positions is that I believe that family values and family traditions are preserved.

SEB Translation: “I’m running to represent solely the interests of Heterosexuals. You fags can go fuck yourselves. But if anyone tries to claim I said that I’ll deny it till the end of time.”