Ubuntu really, really hates me.

Yes, I’m still struggling to make Ubuntu run properly on my work laptop. For awhile it seemed I had solved the crashing problem by installing, of all things, the BSOD screensaver. Of course that’s total nonsense, but for about four days I had no crashes to speak of and the only change I had made was installing said screensaver which I had done in a fit of pique. Then on Monday whenever I locked my screen forcing the screensaver to kick in I’d come back to my desk to find a login prompt staring at me as the GUI had apparently crashed and kicked me out to the login. I couldn’t even pull up the screensaver preferences to change it without it crashing out so I had to uninstall the screensaver completely.

I decided it must be the proprietary ATI drivers causing all the trouble so I went ahead and uninstalled those as well. The one good bit of news is that the default Ubuntu drivers are now able to detect my external monitor connected to the docking station, the bad news is it won’t allow me to run it at a higher resolution than the laptop without totally screwing up the screen layout. So I have this nice monitor that should be running at 1900×1200 running at 1280×1024 which is all kinds of distorted, but I’m living with it. This also seemed to fix my problem until tonight. Whilst browsing the web I was once again greeted with a GUI crash that kicked me out to the login screen.

So I’ve still not managed to figure out what the hell the problem is, but I have successfully lowered the incidence of it occurring. Instead of crashing eight to ten times a day it’s now crashing once or twice every other day and that, at least, is some improvement. Meanwhile the laptop I don’t touch all that often sitting right next to this one which has an absolutely base install of Ubuntu with nothing else added hasn’t crashed one me once since I set it up. I couldn’t tell you why.

Very, very frustrating.