Dumbass kid throws rocks at your car. What would Jesus do?

A good question.

Probably not what this Bishop decided to do:

Atlanta police spokeswoman Officer Kim Jones told FOX 5 News on Saturday that they had arrested Bishop Alex Williams after allegedly firing a shot for a .38 revolver into the hip of a 13-year-old boy. Police said the unidentified boy threw a rock through the back windshield of William’s vehicle which was the alleged motivation for the shooting.

Accroding to members of the church, Williams is the head of the Mechanicsville Church of God in Christ located in the 700 block of McDaniel Street in southwest Atlanta. That’s where the shooting happened just after 7:15 p.m. Saturday. A woman at the scene who declined to appear on-camera told FOX 5 News that she was affiliated with the church and said Williams along with his church had been targets of directed attacks. She said they have been the victim of numerous incidents of vandalism and arson. Atlanta police could not confirm those incidents Saturday.

via Atlanta Bishop Arrested for Shooting 13-Year-Old Boy.

Now I suppose it’s possible the Bishop felt threatened given that the church has been having some trouble with people in the neighborhood, but then why stop and confront the kid at all? Call the police and let them shoot him in the hip sort it out.

But if you’re going to take it into your own hands then remember what Jesus said about turning the other cheek. Which, of course, means you should let the kid smash out your windshield to show him how wrong he is. Or something.

That whole turn-the-other-cheek thing always seemed kinda stupid to me.