This seems like an obvious decision, but it’s good to have it affirmed

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Supreme Court holds warrantless GPS tracking unconstitutional
All nine justices of the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that police officers violated the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure when they attached a GPS device to a suspect's car and tracked it for 28 days without a warrant.

The case involved a suspected drug dealer. The feds got a warrant to track his car with a GPS device and then "installed a GPS tracking device on the undercarriage of the Jeep while it was parked in a public parking lot." But agents installed it a day a…

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Now you can get KITT in your own car.

I’ve been meaning to buy a GPS navigation system for the car for awhile now and the folks at Mio have found a way to make that an urgent need with the upcoming release of the Knight Rider GPS Navigation.

When we were first contacted by Mio about their Knight Rider device, we couldn’t wait till the day that we could finally tell you. An officially licensed GPS unit with the original voice of KITT behind it, how could you lose?

Thankfully, you can’t! We have been very fortunate to get this exclusive extensive look at the Mio Knight Rider GPS. No longer will you have a boring list of computerized voices telling you directions on your GPS – now you can have KITT himself!

It’s the first time since the TV Movie Knight Rider 2000 – has William Daniels been involved in anything officially Knight Rider. In fact it had been rumored for quite some time that Daniels wanted nothing to do with the series. We are thrilled that this was not the case, and now we have this device here, complete with newly recorded dialog by Mr. Daniels (this isn’t reused TV clipings, it’s 100% original recordings!)

One of the great unique features with this concept, is that KITT will address the driver by their first name. Simply set your name from the pre-recorded list of hundreds, and off you go. You can be Michael if you want to be a purist, but if your name is Aaron, Joe or David, you can have that personalized experience. (Unfortunately Devon, Bonnie, Wilton are missing from the list, but Mio hopes to address this error)

They’ve also taken several design cues from the Knight 2000. The device has dual nose type designs on the left and right, complete with a red type of scanner insert. However, the actual use of this scanners LEDs is to be KITTs voice box. It’s a pretty neat effect, and initially we were bummed that it wasn’t more accurate to the voice box to the series, but in the end the effect still felt the same.

Yes I realize it would make me one of the biggest dorks in Dorkville and fits in with my Grand Prix about as well as a polar bear in Hawaii, but damned if that doesn’t get my gadget geek revving into overdrive. The deal breaker will be to find out if they have my first name programmed into it.

Skype coming to the PSP in late January. GPS unit to follow.

First the folks at Gizmodo confirm that Skype VOIP functionality is coming to the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP):

New PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) Expands Its Entertainment Experience by Introducing Skype(TM)

TOKYO, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/—Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that it would introduce Skype(TM) features to the new slim and light PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) handheld entertainment system (PSP-2000 series). More than 246 million members are registered for the use of this communications software, which enables users to communicate with other Skype users around the world over the Internet. Calls between Skype users are free of charge.

By introducing Skype on PSP, the following features and services will be made available to PSP users:

—Free voice calls between Skype users
—Skype contact list management (view existing contacts, add new ones)
—Skype presence (see which friends are online and available to talk)
—SkypeOut(TM) calls to make calls to landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world (requires the purchase of Skype credit)
—Optional SkypeIn(TM) number that lets users receive calls on Skype from landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world (requires the purchase of
Skype credit)
—View and modify Skype settings and account details (including username creation, SkypeOut settings, voicemail settings and call forwarding)

And the folks at Joystiq are reporting that the PSP’s GPS module is coming state side:

The GPS receiver for the Sony PSP is about to find its way out of Japan and into US gamers’ hands. According to Sony’s CES 2008 page, “Your PSP will provide 2D/3D locations, driving directions, POI’s, and even downloadable city guides.”

No official release date or price – the peripheral in Japan retailed for approximately US $51.

I have to give Sony kudos for expanding the usefulness of the PSP beyond just a game/media device. I doubt either feature would be enough to convince folks to rush out and buy a PSP, but if you have one then they make it more useful.