Your typical Christian reaction to a rebuttal of something they wrote.

I already shared this on my G+ account, but it was too amusing not to share here.

It appears that Clay Kraby of Reasonable Theology isn’t too happy with the rebuttal I wrote of his Four Miracles of Atheism article. He hasn’t approved the pingback to his article on his blog so I left a comment about it on his Reasonable Theology G+ page and now it appears he’s blocked me from following him on G+.

Below is a screenshot of the RT G+ page in two browsers. I’m signed in to Google+ on the left and not on the right. Notice anything different between them?

Click to embiggen.

Click to embiggen!

Yeah, there’s a distinct lack of content on the side I’m logged in with. I’m not surprised, just amused. I bet if I were to comment on his Facebook page I could get myself blocked there as well. To his credit he hasn’t deleted the comments I made on one of the entries on his G+ page, but he certainly doesn’t seem to want me to keep up with any other bullshit he’s shoveling. I hear this works pretty well too:

La la la la I can't hear you!

I’ll be turning off the importing of Google+ posts.

It seems the inclusion of items I’ve shared through Google+ is confusing the hell out of a few people and I’ve had multiple complaints saying that folks don’t want to sign up for Google+ in order to read my posts. Ignoring the fact that there’s no need to sign up with Google+ to read anything I post publicly there or here, the extra but shortened content seems to be more problematic than useful for a lot of folks.

So I’ll shut off the importation plugin and go back to my usual much longer, but less frequent postings. The plugin(s) I was using for this process were a bit wonky anyway so it’ll be much less of a hassle for me. Perhaps this’ll motivate me to put more effort into posting by hand more often. Or at least I won’t have to keep repeating the same explanation to people.

President Obama hangs out with plain old people on Google+ Hangouts

Missed this at the time and haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, but I plan to. That said, I’m very impressed not only that the +The White House and +Barack Obama are on Google+, but that they’re using its features to interact with ordinary Americans. This puts the office of the President within reach of so many more people than at any time in the past. Maybe it’ll mean our voices are heard at least a little bit more. #seb #Politics #Obama #Google+

Reshared post from +The White House

Missed the Hangout with President Obama? Check out the full video here and let us know what you thought.

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A look behind the voodoo that Google do do

What Google accomplishes in terms of data storage and manipulation is seriously mind blowing. I can’t even pretend to understand how it is accomplished, but this gives you a taste. #seb #Google #Computing #Storage

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Feature: The Great Disk Drive in the Sky: How Web giants store big—and we mean big—data
Consider the tech it takes to back the search box on Google’s home page: behind the algorithms, the cached search terms, and the other features that spring to life as you type in a query sits a data store that essentially contains a full-text snapshot of most of the Web. While you and thousands of other people are simultaneously submitting searches, that snapshot is constantly being updated with a firehose of changes. At the same time, the data is being processed by thousands of individual se…

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Public Alerts on my Google Maps? YES PLEASE!

This could prove to be mindbogglingly useful for a lot of people. Not the least of them myself. #seb #Google #Neato #Technology

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Google adding Public Alerts to Maps, keeps you in the loop in times of worry
You can’t deny that Google often hands out marvelous tools for the masses to utilize (yes, some can be a miss), and today the King of Search is launching a fresh virtual apparatus as part of its Crisis Response project. Dubbed “Public Alerts,” the feature is accessible from within Google Maps, keeping you in the loop during times of high alert. Your search query will trigger things like weather relevant to your area, public safety and earthquake alerts — all of which are provided by the NOAA…

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Gingrich apparently things he’s running for Dictator of the…

Gingrich apparently things he's running for Dictator of the United States.

It'd be interesting to hear what legal basis he thinks he'd have for such an action. As I recall the idea that the President doesn't have to abide by Supreme Court decisions he doesn't like meme has been circulating among the Far Right for decades. It'd certainly force a Constitutional crisis if he tried to do it which could end up damaging the country in the end. #google+ #politics #laws #Republicans

Gingrich: I’d Ignore The Supreme Court

Newt Gingrich told a South Carolina crowd he’d ignore Supreme decisions he doesn’t like as president.
The Republican contender told a forum of anti-abortion activists ahead of South Carolina’s primary election that as president he would ignore supreme court rulings he regards as legally flawed. He implied that would also extend to the 1973 decision, Roe vs Wade, legalising abortion.
“If the court makes a fundamentally wrong decision, the president can in fact ignore it,” said Gingrich to chee…

Pastor Mark Driscoll reveals himself to be a douche-bag. Admittedly…

Pastor Mark Driscoll reveals himself to be a douche-bag.

Admittedly, there's a certain amount of schadenfreude in listening to two Christians argue over whose church is better because of the gender of the person leading it, but it's also illustrative of the easily justifiable sexism which the Bible promotes and how some people latch onto that. Some particularly douchey people. #google+ #religion #sexism #assholes

Did Anyone Else Know Pastor Mark Driscoll Was Sexist?

If only every question had that obvious of an answer… Pastor Mark Driscoll , who just wrote a how-not-to book about marriage in which he admits he wouldn’t have married his wife had he known she “sinned” just after high school, just outed himself as even more of a douchebag. During a radio interview with British radio host Justin Brierley , Driscoll got into an argument over whose church was better — the one Driscoll runs or the one run by Brierley’s wife. Chris Massey has the transcript and …

The RIAA tries to be snarky and just pisses people off. And…

The RIAA tries to be snarky and just pisses people off.

And the wonder why the general public hates them. #google+ #RIAA #Politics #SOPA

RIAA Reminds Us Why We Hate Them With Obnoxious Smartass Tweet (Updated) [Sopa]

This tweet from the RIAA's Senior Vice President of Communications is just about the most asinine thing we've read all day. Way to totally trivialize an issue that millions of people care passionately about. Updated below
We understand that SOPA blackout day is probably a bummer if you're the mouthpiece for the RIAA, but here's a tip from your friends in that terrifying blogosphere: If you want to convince the public (you know, those people you like to sue) that you aren't a bunch of assholes…

Dave sums up the problems with SOPA/PIPA eloquently. It’s a…

Dave sums up the problems with SOPA/PIPA eloquently.

It's a bad bill and it will cause no end of problems for everyone.#google+ #politics #SOPA #Copyright

My consolidated nattering on SOPA and PIPA

Here are my thoughts on SOPA and PIPA, consolidating about a dozen other posts I could have written today. Copyright is a cool thing . Creators should have their creations protected. They should also be able to profit by selling their rights to something to a third party, who should then be able to profit from it. For some length of time, at least. Copyright has also been dreadfully abused by Big Media, among others – leveraging extensions of copyright periods ad infinitum, abuse of copyright…

Windows 8 will include a whole new way of dealing with file storage.

You really need to read this ArsTechnica article. This is yet another amazing addition to the upcoming Windows 8. Microsoft seems to be pulling out all the stops to make the next version of Windows a major upgrade.

Windows 8 Storage Spaces detailed: pooling redundant disk space for all

When Microsoft killed Windows Home Server's "Drive Extender" technology, we mourned its loss but held up hope that the company would persevere with the concept. The company has done just that with a new Windows 8 feature called Storage Spaces, described in a lengthy post to its Building Windows 8 blog.

With Storage Spaces, physical disks are grouped together into pools, and pools are then carved up into spaces, which are formatted with a regular filesystem and are used day-to-day just like r…