How to gift wrap a cat for Christmas.

I’m terrible at wrapping gifts which is why I leave that task to my wife most of the time because she’s awesome at it. When I wrap a gift it looks like it was done by a bunch of drunken retarded monkeys who were handed paper, tape, scissors and given no instruction in the art of gift wrapping at all. When my wife does it it’s almost too damn pretty to tear apart for the goodies inside. You want to set it on a shelf like some sort of art installation. So the only gifts I tend to wrap are the ones I’m giving to her because having her do it would kind of spoil the surprise.

I have an especially hard time with oddly shaped items that aren’t in a box. Things like blankets or teddy bears or, say, a cat. Fortunately YouTube has lots of videos aimed at teaching idiots like me how to wrap anything for the holidays. If you’re planning on giving a cat to someone and aren’t sure how to wrap it, then perhaps this video from MoreFlippyCat will be of help:

That looks easy enough and I have at least three cats I can practice on should I find myself giving someone a cat. Perhaps one of the cats I have now. No, of course not. If I gave one of them away I would lose a valuable hairball resource.

Bonus: Be sure to check out the followup video from CuteThingsExploding!