SEB PSA: The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained.

This YouTube video by C.G.P. Grey attempts to clear up all the confusion between what is the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England. Terms that many people, yours truly included, often use interchangeably much to the alternating consternation/amusement of the folks who actually live there.

Check it:

After watching that all I can say is it’s no fucking wonder I get it wrong all the damned time.

FOX News puts Egypt where Iraq should be on map.

And to think we actually wonder why FOX News viewers are misinformed idiots. It’s because FOX News is run by misinformed idiots:

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Yes, that’s a real image and not a Photoshop job. It’s apparently from late July. Now I’m not the greatest at geography myself, but if I were making maps for a major news channel I’d take the time to make sure they were accurate. What with Iraq being in the news for almost a decade now you’d think FOX News could at least get their maps correct. I wonder if this is the work of the same idiot who keeps labeling scandal plagued Republicans as being Democrats?